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  1. Don't see any signs of a "cc". Sorry. What a 1881 CC should look like.
  2. Like you. I have not seen any moderns that come close to the older coins such as Morgans and Standing Liberty's. I however, did succumb to these ladies! But, alas, the obverse's are copies of older coins anyway.
  3. How do you figure that? The coin before it was a ONE DOLLAR gold coin. I posted the 1853 DOLLAR to follow the 1853 three cent. Then, he posted a ONE DOLLAR 1907 coin. HOWEVER, if you go up a few posts on this page, someone went from a 1847 Gold $5 to an 1817 Large Cent. How did that work?
  4. Not a one dollar or a 1907! You lose! Not only not on track, but derailed.
  5. Had a guy here in town found a 1965 silver dime. Had it graded and certified by NGC. I was born in 1955, so I would love to find an in the wild 1955 DDO.
  6. I thought all the current gold was .999 already. I know the gold buffalo's are.
  7. Now they will all be .999 silver! Nice! Link to article
  8. I know it has 1896 on it, not 1889.
  9. My best luck when taking photos through plastic are with 2 OTT lights. I arrange one at about 3 o'clock, and one around 10 o'clock. It takes some adjusting to get it just right so no reflections are showing. And no overhead lights. Best to have dark room with just OTT's The OTT lights are great for bringing out minor things, like the miniscule scratches on the face. A couple of Morgan examples:
  10. Looks like the metal was moved after the strike. If you look, you can see a circular hit above and below the I. Maybe another coin got jammed hard against it. Could have been at the mint or later on.
  11. Great news! Also, this is a good reminder for all of us that even with good safes, a hot fire can do some damage for sure. That was quite a sturdy safe and still the plastic boxes melted.
  12. Looks like the Canadians beat us to it. How about that eh? Incuse maple Leaf I think I may order 5 or so of these. Seems JMBullion has the best price with free shipping over 100.
  13. Even the grading services miss sometimes. I had a gold Indian 5 dollar that I sent in and it came back cleaned. I took the coin, looked it over very closely, and could not figure out why it came back as cleaned. Sat on it for 6 months, resubmitted, and came back MS63!
  14. Who would like to see some incuse coinage moderns from the US Mint. I mean, with all the reverse proofs and such, I am thinking an incuse coin would be great again! I do not know of any US Mint incuse coinage since the early 1900's Indian gold. ETA: I just realized looking at my Washington Parks quarter collection that all the lettering and the date is incused. How about that?
  15. Those are amazing. The 3D appearance of those are just crazy!
  16. I understand the difference between Dcarr's original and "fantasy" copies. HOWEVER, although Dcarr is not the US mint, remember that the mint itself has made copies of real strikes. Buffalo Dollar, Buffalo gold, Gold Liberty Halves, Kennedy's and so on..... and let's not forget the first spouse series. While not exact copies of the original, they ARE copies. I also think the legality of any copy coin should be the job of the US Treasury, not chat boards. I also think China would make Dcarr look like a rookie in the copy department.
  17. I have several Dcarr's, and I think they are nice coins. I don't get all the hate. I was actually involved with the design of the first two. I have images of the fields with stars instead of rays. Design patterns:
  18. A little disappointed that they did not use the original wheat reverse on the cent though. Maybe down the road, they will do a Lincoln dollar like they did with the buffalo dollar. And do it in COPPER, not clad!
  19. Video of 1972 DDO types Don't think any are SF mint though.