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  1. The 1884 s is kind of a weird coin. It is common in circulated examples, but rare in truly uncirculated examples. The money spread between high circulated and low uncirculated grades is quite wide. Also, this is what the obverse of your coin would look like if it was truly uncirculated. Quite a difference from your coin.
  2. Don't have many old halves, maybe this one will get us moving again.
  3. I have never seen one. Does not mean that there are none. Those holders could easily be popped open, so it is possible something like someone taking it out, cleaning it, and snapping holder back together could happen. Maybe environmental damage also, though I think that would be on the grade sticker.
  4. I think I have posted this before, but here it is!
  5. Winner! Two different 1880 CC's here is the last one pictured. (Reverse of 79) Now the good question. Did anyone pick up on the fact that the closeup coin was MS64, not 63?
  6. Ok, here is the next one. BUT....there is a little brain teaser in this one. Who gets it?
  7. NGC MS63. Not CAC but what the heck. I love Indians!