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  1. Poor coin. It already had issues, then you came along.....
  2. There is some discussion of one along with photos at this link.
  3. While there are those that love toned coins, I am not a fan of DMPL coins of that type. If I have a DMPL coin, I want to see it shine! Nothing like a coin that looks like it did the day it came off the press over 100 years ago! There are some very attractive toned coins, but the splotchy toning of the ones pictured are not attractive to me.
  4. Unless it is an exceptional coin, they are as common as dirt. You'll be lucky to get a dime for it. Millions were minted. 1943 (Steel Cent) 684,628,670 1943-D (Steel Cent) 217,660,000 1943-S (Steel Cent) 191,550,000 EDIT: BTW, Congrats Bobby on your number one song!
  5. Interesting that my coin and the one above could have been struck on the same press with different dies.
  6. I admit I am no SLQ expert at all. What is the deal with that date? Not enough wear on that thing to do that to the date. Does not look like a light strike. Post mint damage?
  7. The 1884 s is kind of a weird coin. It is common in circulated examples, but rare in truly uncirculated examples. The money spread between high circulated and low uncirculated grades is quite wide. Also, this is what the obverse of your coin would look like if it was truly uncirculated. Quite a difference from your coin.