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  1. robec1347

    For the love of copper

    Thank you. It is loaded with character. It almost looks like it is struck in wood. Even cooler it's in a rattler..
  2. robec1347

    Winged Liberty's? Yes please

    Very nice collection so far. Great toning on the 1916 and 1943.
  3. I wondered what happened to you. You just disappeared.........and you weren't alone. Glad to see you back.
  4. robec1347

    If at first you don't Succeed!

    Congratulations Jason. I can understand how those results can make you feel on top of the world.
  5. robec1347

    For the love of copper

    Ha, I'm working on it. Thanks Dean!
  6. robec1347

    For the love of copper

    How about a nice little Indian. This is a business strike, not Proof.
  7. robec1347

    1983 coins

    1983-S Proof there a question? Over 3 million minted.
  8. robec1347

    Follow the lead picture post.

    Battle Creek hoard
  9. robec1347

    For the love of copper

    Thank you Irvin!!
  10. robec1347

    Nice shine :)

    Looks like a proof.
  11. robec1347

    1959 silver Penny

    They also come in Proof.
  12. robec1347

    1909-S VDB Question

    You were right on the button.............and I would never call you a dingbat. You are one of my favorite posters.
  13. robec1347

    1909-S VDB Question

    What about 1922 No D Strong Reverse and 1922 No D Weak Reverse designations?
  14. Very nice examples Lee My one AU Classic Commemorative
  15. Great looking 55DDO. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of seeing it in hand. I think I did see most of your Memorial set. That was a wonderful set. Is it still intact with the new owner? Here is your old PCGS MS66+RD 1972 DDO