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  1. Here is the closeup of the date. I honestly have no idea how one could determine the date was a 1941 or 1943 unless there is another diagnostic visible.
  2. Not sure why. It was hand tilted. Here are some photos showing it tilted and not tilted with close up and with distAnce to show it being tilted.
  3. Yep, the bottom one, the brown one, is tilted. The top one, the one that is blue, is lying flat on the table. In fact you can see the wood grain under the prongs.
  4. I’ll just make a short comment on the color of the IHC. With the coin flat and parallel to the lens the dominant color is blue. Brown can only be seen when the coin is tilted, which I don’t care to do. Below I took a couple of pix with my iPhone. One photo is with the iPhone and coin being parallel to each other. The result is the coin looking blue. The second if with the slab tilted about 30°. The result is the coin looking mostly brown.
  5. The 1909 VDB is definitely not a proof. On the Reverse all Proof VDB's have a centered dot between the D and B. The dot on yours is close to the D. There are other diagnostics, but aren't needed as proof for this coin. Proof - Dot Centered between D and B VDB - Dot close to D MS, not Proof