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  1. That's too bad. It would have been a great buy.
  2. Haha, I had Larry on the insult intended.
  3. You have it backward Larry. The VDB is rarer than the non-VDB. We would need to see the marker to make any sort of guess. The photos are great for phone, but are lacking in the detail needed. Up until a few years ago there was only one die used for each side. The obverse dies were shared with the VDB. This one included die scratches in the field in front of the nose and a die scratch going from the shoulder toward the R in LIBERTY. There are others, but these are the most notable for Die 1. If you have these two markers the chances of you having a 1909 MPL are very good A second die pair was discovered in 2010. The discovery went to Pennylady and PCGS member Soty27. This was verified by Kevin Flynn with the help of Brian Wagner. This die pairing is rarer than the Die #1 pairing. Here is a listing of diagnostics for Obverse #2 and Reverse #2 as written by Kevin Flynn. 1909 Obverse #2: Paired with 1909 Reverse #2 Cross Reference: Albrecht Obverse 3 Diagonal die scratch from the field above the G to the left side of the O of GOD. Small vertical die scratch from the top of O of GOD down into the O. Die die scratch from left side of the horizontal bar of the T of LIBERTY through the R. Long die scratch from the bust up through the 19 of the date into the field in front of the chin. Die scratch from the top of the 1 up through the field in front of the chin. Small die scratch from the bottom of the nose. Approximately 20 vertical die scratches to the far right of the nose. Located on the horizontal plane between the tip of the nose and eyebrow and on the vertical plane below the ST of TRUST. 1909 Reverse #2: Paired with 1909 Obverse #2 Cross Reference: None Die scratch from M of UNUM left into the field above E of ONE. Horizontal die scratch in field to the right of the C of CENT. Die scratch from the center of E to the N of CENT. Die scratch through the middle of UN of UNITED. Small over large TE of UNITED, ST of STATES, F of AMERICA, and and ME of AMERICA. Die scratch through the lower TAT of STATES. Die chip next to the rim at 3'oclock.
  4. Thank you. It is loaded with character. It almost looks like it is struck in wood. Even cooler it's in a rattler..
  5. Very nice collection so far. Great toning on the 1916 and 1943.