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  1. The NGC Price Guide is fine on my Windows 10 desktop computer in my office.   But I travel with a Chromebook, and some of the NGC pages with lots of data, like Lincolns 1909-58, really bog down the computer until you can change the grade range from "Poor to 70" to something reasonable like "XF40 to MS66"   Here you can see the CPU crunching up nearly 100% on Lincoln Cent tab. Perhaps  there should be preset grade ranges based on the series -- they can always be changed by the user should he encounter an NGC MS68 large cent


  2. Amazing that the coins are being returned because of a technicality. . These 1933 coins were normal currency worth $20 at the time. Their extreme value is because the government melted almost all of them. "Even swaps" at the Mint's cashier window were common when tourists or collectors wanted to obtain pristine coins of the new year. The government hunting these coins down for over 80 years was more about sending the message "when we say you must use Federal Reserve paper currency instead of gold coins, we mean it!"

  3. eBay can do as they wish as they are a private enterprise. They've basically set the bar for TPGs to meet in order for items bearing the TPGs label/logo to be sold openly on eBay.


    Tell that to Microsoft. Or AT&T. Or IBM.


    Which has nothing to do with eBay.


    I think you're upset over this because those SEGS labels you sell in your store are bottom tier and will no longer be allowed on eBay.


    Like eBay, AT&T, Microsoft, and IBM were all monopolies which were either broken up and/or fined for various predatory practices such as IBM's "lease only"

    policy for it's punch card machines, AT&T's "Ma Bell" monopoly, and Microsoft's

    various schemes to embed Internet Explorer into the operating systems to force out other software, and refusal to release basic source code to allow independent

    companies to develop applications.


    I don't have a store, I am a PCGS and NGC authorized dealer, SEGS slabs are not bottom tier, but have been restricted on eBay since 2008.


    So you are wrong on everything, but what should you expect from an a-hole with a blank profile.

  4. eBay can make policy as they see fit, and regulate what is sold on their site.


    Case in point:


    They do not allow firearms to be sold on their site. Why aren't gun collectors up in arms over that?


    People can complain all they want; however, at the end of the day, eBay owns the site, and can make any policy they wish to.


    Ebay can ban a particular CLASS of items, but not certain name brands. That would be like your local newspaper classified ads allowing only GM and Chrysler cars to be advertised, but if you wish to sell a Ford, you cannot mention the name of the manufacturer, the model, or the value!

  5. Since the blanks were made slightly dished before striking, an off center strike is placing the center band where the thickness is greater. The 45-P dime is problematic such that the die spacing was set so far apart that only oddities would have full bands. I would bet the Heritage coin shown is sort of FB only because it the planchet was a bit thicker than normal.

  6. There are many well-researched books on numismatics that I would like to read. But there are seldom e-books available, and my shelves are bulging with books...I had to buy a Costco wire shelf just to get the overflow books off the floor where the new dog wouldn't pee on them. Would be nice if the ANA would take some of their endowment and buy the rights to about 100 good books of this type for a fair return to the authors and make them available online for members only.

  7. I wish I still had the clipping from Coin World that was at my old shop, from about 1985 -- just before PCGS and NGC started. The big

    dealers were protesting ANACS grading as too strict...killing our profits...can't feed my family...out of touch with reality.


    Soon PCGS and NGC appeared with their "market grading" concept where coins with rub could be graded Mint State because they could be sold at Mint State prices. PCGS even admits such in their book!






  8. I just picked up a letter at the Central States Numismatic Convention From ANACS which states (and I'm paraphrasing) that they have been precluded from qualifying for E-Bay's rigid standards simply because unique serial numbers on their slabs currently cannot be verified. They are certain that prior to the implementation of E-Bay's new policy taking effect that unique serial numbers will be verifiable on their web platform.


    Apparently this has been in the works at ANACS anyway.



    There are other requirements that seem to be tailored to exclude all services other than PCGS and NGC. Like that one grader has to be full time dealer of at least 5

    years...when both ANACS and ICG were founded on the premise that having DEALERS on staff was a conflict of interest, and was a firable offense!





    And then one grader on staff has to be a PNG member...with a net worth of $250,000...and subject to being blackballed anonymously like an exclusive country club membership.


    The requirements are all structured in such as way that it's obvious that eliminating certain players was the main objective.


    You should not take Ebay to court over their BS rules but talk to the CEO's of ANACS and ICG and hope that they will go after Ebay for Fair Trade violations.





    What fair trade violations would you be speaking of? I don't see how anyone could recover against eBay for its new policy. EBay provides eBay buyer protection and if they have liability, isn't it rational to limit their liability? While it is true that there are good coins in ANACS and ICG coins, they have had issues lately, and I understand eBay's categorical rule against them.


    P.S. If eBay cannot prohibit ANACS and ICG coins from being listed in this manner, how can it eliminate PCI, SEGS, etc? There was obviously a judgment call there too, and because the line was pushed a little too far for you personally, you think they should be sued by ANACS and ICG?



    I might have mentioned the wrong thing, but what I meant was that ANACS, ICG, PCI and SEGS should dig into why Ebay makes NGC and PCGS "VIP". Setting aside personal opinions about the TPG's, NGC and PCGS are not the only TPG's in business and Ebay should recognize all of them equally. Also, my comment had nothing to really do with Ebay buyer protection.

    You made me remember when I had several coins listed on Ebay that were graded by PCI. Someone on Ebay messaged me that I cannot put PCI in the item description because Ebay does not recognize them. This guy didn't even bid on anything. I told him that even though Ebay does not recognize PCI, that is who is on the slab and I am following ebay seller guidelines by providing accurate item info and description.


    The line that was pushed was not by Ebay, it was Paypal. I used my experience with that ordeal to comment on the person who said taking ebay to court wont work, they have tons of lawyers. I am not saying that it would work, I doubt one person can take on ebay's legal team about their policies. I went after Paypal because even though their policy states they reserve the right to do this or that with any account, I was able to prove that what Paypal did to me was against the law because their company does not hold the proper crudentials to remove funds from someones account if they originated from a person to person transaction. Nor did they provide me with documents that I asked for and that they are supposed to supply to me when I demand them.


    Non the less, I dissagree with this new Ebay rule, and I dissagree with many other rules they have.




    All the services in the bluesheet (PCGS, NGC, ANACS, SEGS, PCI, ICG) have their own standards, their own pricing. based on actual or perceived quality. As long as there is no misrepresentation of value, and the items are properly described, buying coins from ANY of these 6 services is far safer than buying any raw coins. Even the Star Grading Service slabs with the gold foil seals were decent modern Unc coins from Mint sets, all deemed MS70, (actually about MS64 to MS66 from the several dozen I have seen) but these only sold for a few dollars, their fair market value. Yet for the past 5 years, ebay's priority was stopping the listings of "unapproved slabs" while allowing millions of dangerous fake raw coins from China into the US Numismatic market, because the sellers photoshopped the word "replica" or "copy" on the images and eBay did nothing for 5 years, despite reports that these fake coins were being sent without any markings indicating they were "replicas."

  10. Just out of curiosity, but what exactly do you think your lawyer is going to do? In a battle of your lawyer vs. eBay lawyers, I'm pretty sure I know where I'd put my money.


    My lawyer has already sent eBay a notice that since I have bought ANACS coins off eBay and recently spent over $2000 with ANACS in grading fees with the express purpose of selling such graded coins on eBay based on their many statements that eBay was an approved grading service, being forced to either sell these coins as "raw" or pay some $3,500 additional to get them slabbed by NGC or PCGS plus the loss of market value and liquidity of my ANACS and ICG stock would result in a well over $10,000 loss for me.

  11. EBAY is a public service. You do not have the "right" to sell anything YOU want on THEIR site. They have a clause in their terms of use regarding "community trust", once THEY feel uncomfortable with an item because of user feedback, THEY have the right to refuse selling it


    Ebay is not a "public service." They are a "for profit" company. As such, and particularly as a defacto monopoly, policies which benefit certain players and

    eliminate others violate Federal antitrust laws.

  12. First of all, nothing stupid that eBay does to screw honest sellers surprises me or should surprise anyone. On a thread ATS, the criteria for being permitted to be listed in a favorable fashion are reported to include:


    Been in business for a certain # of years

    Graded 50,000 + coins dated 1956 and earlier

    Have a search function on their website to verify a slabs cert # as to what the coin is

    Have an on line price guide for prices for graded coins.


    While these criteria seem "fair enough" on the surface, they could have been chosen to exclude ANACS and ICG. If those are the complete criteria, they don't stand in the way of established disreputable services from meeting them, so as soon as an undesirable grading service meets the criteria, eBay will have to either accept them or change their rules in response to those criteria being met.


    Almost all of the fake PCGS and NGC slabs check out as "good" on the online

    verification...because eBay's requirements to list the slab serial number made eBay itself a major source for counterfeiters to obtain valid serial numbers.


    With eBay selling about $4 billion a year in the coins category, there must be at least several hundred million dollars of ANACS and ICG slabs sold through eBay, which are now unmarketable on that venue.


    Even with PCI and SEGS, the company's coins were listed in the bluesheet and have a definite market value. As long as they are properly described for what they are, and no inappropriate valuation claims are made, a venue like eBay has no business telling sellers which particular brand names of a legal product may or may not be sold. They can ban ALL raw coins, or ALL items of a particular type, such as guns, but banning the products of certain companies is illegal restraint of trade,