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  1. Take a few deep breaths, and count to 10. That probably won't make anything better, but it probably won't hurt either. I hope everything works out for you and yours.
  2. WOW! That is one amazing cameo SMS cent. Those don't come around very often. I'm very envious.
  3. So, is that a real Peace Dollar that has been counter stamped with a 2021 and the roman numerals? Or is it considered a "fantasy piece"?
  4. I don't know if you know this, but when a proof die was made, it would be sand blasted to a frosty finish, then , because the fields are the high points on a die, the fields are polished to a mirror shine. The first few coins stamped with new dies will show this "cameo" contrast, but then the normal metal flow during the stamping will burnish the frosted surfaces of the die leaving the entire coin looking shiney and mirror-like. Sometimes the mint would re-polish the dies if they got worn to remove these "flow lines" that show in the fields mostly, but usually the devices were left mirror li
  5. Looks a whole lot better than 63. Very nice IH
  6. I just love it when a nice "CAMEO" copper comes out of no where, and screams "BUY ME".............O.K.
  7. I added cert number 3463302-006 to all of my competitive sets, but on some sets, the 2011-D MS67RD CENT showed up as another option for 2011 instead of 2011-D. Namely "Lincoln Cents 1909-Date Circulation Issue", "Lincoln Cents 1909-Date Circulation Issue incl. varieties", and "Cents 1793-Date Complete".
  8. MS67RDs are pretty scarce. Another great addition.
  9. The new set for "Lincoln Cents, 1909-Date, Circulation Issue" has a slot for 1922 no D, and 1955 DDO. I thought this set was supposed to not have any varieties included.
  10. I put together my set for the new "Lincoln Cents, 1909-Date, Circulation issue", and am currently #2, but I noticed that scores for 1970 to 1973 coins are at zero in this set, where they have scores in my other sets.
  11. Did you know that you said you were going to "display it along with the plague"? I assume you meant plaque, but I found it funny. Congrats on your very prestigious award.
  12. Mine might be currently ranked as #2, but it is the most complete with all NGC coins at 58% so far. :-) Little things matter.
  13. I just picked up another Cameo wheatie…………….I can't wait to see what it really looks like.