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  1. The pics are kind of big. I'm thinking if they were a little smaller I'd be looking at an MS 66 Buff.
  2. I agree with coinbuf. First off the coin looks maybe MS63. The mark that coinbuf is referring to is the one under the "M" heading towards the hair. That does not look like a die crack. It may be a scratch on the plastic capsule you have it in. Another thing to note is that NGC doesn't note Vams in grading. They are cool to look at though. I have an 1882 CC Vam 3D.
  3. The only reason I ruled it out was I can't see a Die Break Cap in your pics.
  4. Yep, looks like a nickel to me too! With a stain running down the middle!
  5. It looks more like haze to me. Haze is pretty hard to try to remove if it is. May do more damage than good.
  6. Edited. Hand punching stopped in 1989.
  7. Those are panama coins. I can only see the date for one as 1966. I think these are 90% silver. Might wait for someone else to chime in though.
  8. It's hard to prevent scammers from trying. The best I can suggest is to limit your buyers to people with at least 100 feedback! Also, when there is a bid, check out what feedback they have already for red flags.
  9. That closeup looks like a good chance it is reprocessed or plated to me now.
  10. Pics aren't very clear but I don't think it's a reprocessed cent either. Still as Mr.Bill347 noted, these are cheap already slabbed. I wouldn't waste the money unless the coin means something more to you.
  11. Are you asking if the cut in the face is worth something? It's a scratch and is considered damage. 1C
  12. You need to try and get a more focused picture. From what I'm seeing, I agree with hoghead that it looks like some kind of junk on it.
  13. It does look like a small clip. Not really much value but a very cool find though!
  14. Not sure. Looks like just some moved metal thru damage. Looks like a possible hit off the B.
  15. Looks like a possible die chip. Cool but not really valuable.
  16. If the coins were colored by a third party, the TPG's will not grade altered coins. It is considered a damaged/altered coin.
  17. It's not a grade at all. But if the coin was submitted, then I don't see why the request would not be made by NGC. The coin has damage which in a polite term is Details. Plus it is a genuine cent so my guess would be it would holder as Details-Genuine.
  18. Looks like someone was going to attempt their skills towards a hobo coin and gave up pretty fast. Lol