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  1. We have a lot of young people today that do not even know all of the coinage that is still running around in circulation. Let alone people that would rather watch cat videos on youtube than inform themselves about the minting process of these coins. PMD to a coin can happen in millions of different ways and without the understanding of how a coin is minted, they will never understand the difference between a true error or damage. How many topics have been discussed about mechanical doubling or die deterioration and so on? And the ways to identify them? When they don't understand, they just debate people. It wouldn't surprise me that most people who are wishing for a million dollar coin have no interest in coins at all. Just wanting someone to verify that they have a coin that will keep them from ever having to work again. They just don't understand that a coin worth that much is not running around in circulation.
  2. There are a lot of silver rounds and bars that are collectible. Regardless, it is still bullion. It's just that some are more collectible than others.
  3. They just look like aftermarket copper bullion novelty bars to me. They make them in .999 silver also.
  4. Looks about VG10 but the scratches will bodybag it.
  5. I'm pretty sure this ain't a proof either.
  6. Yea, really need some better pics. The morgan looks polished and not too sure about the peace dollar.
  7. Looks more like a planchet crack than a die crack to me.
  8. I'm surprised they beaned the 82'. It looks more like a MS62 to me. Love the DPL's though!
  9. Neat token. Some of these are getting pretty collectible.
  10. Looks like we were all posting at the same time. Lol