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  1. I agree with PMD on the first one. The second looks like a delamination to me also. I have a question tho, how can a 95% copper coin delaminate?
  2. Yea I prefer solid colors that show the coin better. Anything else is just a distraction. Except maybe a little info text.
  3. Well I just attempted it and no it won't. It lacks about an Inch from the sides and another inch from the bottom.
  4. Those are pretty cool. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Lol I'll be ok. She spends most her time making quilts or watching cooking shows. Lol
  6. I wonder what the coin list looked like back then? Lol
  7. The one I bought is in the first pic. It has a slight movement in it when you adjust focusing. The second is the one I wanted to buy as it is supposedly and upgraded model and sturdier. Wife gave me an ebay gift card and ebay didn't sell the upgraded model, it was only on amazon. Lol But I do like this. The movement doesn't really effect anything so I can take pics pretty good with it. Less than $100. The brand is Opti-Tekscope. Opti-Tek Btw, the full coin pics were taken with it also.
  8. Was hoping I had one of the rare DDO's of the 1982 Lincoln Sm. Date Zinc. Nope, but I did find a crack. Lol
  9. The mountain coins are bringing out all the other weird coins. Pretty cool!
  10. And we have a winner! Good job my friend! That didn't take long!