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  1. So I'm thinking US Cent? I see your logic there Condor. I ran and got my scale. It fluctuated from 2.48 - 2.49g and then settled in at 2.5g. So it seems I probably have a copper plated zinc planchet. Not worth much but I thought it was a pretty cool find.
  2. The dime looks normal from the mirror pic. Both sides are suppose to be upright. These are not like US coins where the Obv and Rev are opposite each other.
  3. I posted this ats already and here I am. I was going thru a bag of coin star rejects my wife brought home a couple months ago. Found this, what I think is a copper planchet. I'm sorry, but my scale is out in the shop right now but I will weigh it tomorrow. Its a tad thinner than a regular cent and just a tad smaller. I'm wondering if it just might be a worn cent planchet or possible a foreign planchet. I will get more info tomorrow when I get my calipers and scale out.
  4. Not really sure how you are showing the rotation. As for the Canadian dime, the reverse will be upright if you flip it over to the side. If you flip it over from top to bottom, then the schooner will be upside down. This will be normal.
  5. Just looks like some sort of damage to me. I see no D, sorry!
  6. I'm a little late to the party but I like that color. Looks like nice NT to me.
  7. Sorry Travis, I'm not aware of any 1971 Ikes as being silver. Could be you're just seeing a little extra nickel clad on the edge. If you want to be sure, weigh it comparing weight to another clad Ike.
  8. I'm far from an expert on Franklins but this type of toning always worries me about what might be underneath. Other than that, looks like a decent half!
  9. Man I have to say, I'm not understanding what your question is! Your title has nothing to do with your question?