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  1. 225th enhanced coin set?.

    So I guess this set didn't get as much demand as thought. They are still on sale at the mint.
  2. 225th enhanced coin set?.

    Well now I have 2 sets.
  3. Raw 1936 Buffalo Arrived Today

    Looks nice!
  4. Trying to make a comeback!

    Thanks Irvin!
  5. 225th enhanced coin set?.

    Well the mint site never really stated Sold Out if I'm not mistaken, just showed Unavailable. I'm wondering if they just had an issue with the website? Sure made some money for the ebay flippers, but this may put a damper on some sales until they are really sold out.
  6. 1950 P & D Franklins for the A toner Dansco

    Nice ones Sy! Yea, that P is a beauty!
  7. 225th enhanced coin set?.

    I got a notice from the mint available also. Whats up with that. Bought one more from them anyway.
  8. 225th enhanced coin set?.

    I know you would have my friend! Thanks anyway! About $13 more than I would have paid with mint shipping. Could've been worse.
  9. 225th enhanced coin set?.

    I wanted one bad enough that I had to pay ebays prices. $48.50
  10. Trying to make a comeback!

    Thanks guys!
  11. 225th enhanced coin set?.

    Yes sir!
  12. 225th enhanced coin set?.

    Well I did find out they sold out already. $29.95 and now going for about $55 on the bay. Dang flippers bought them all up!
  13. 1965 Dime (mint strike error?)

    I've run across a dime every once in a while with a little wear on the edges. Seems to be common with them as they are soo small.
  14. latest buffalo nickel pickup from eBay

    Agree, very nice!