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  1. So I've attached pics on my SAE. They are dated as to when I took these pics. This SAE was in storage with the rest of my coins for almost 2 years. It was in a manila envelope and I forgot about it until we unpacked last year. I really didn't know these would just keep going soo fast. Is there a good way to stop it from getting too dark? Of course, I guess I could take it out of my windowsill.
  2. 2014 D dime

    Everything looks like post damage to me except for one spot. In the enlarged pics, it does look like a small die crack over the B & E of liberty. I think!
  3. 2014 D dime

    Ya I'm not seeing anything different either. As for color, one just looks a little crustier than the other.
  4. My newest purchase

    Very nice!
  5. As stated, you have a proof and a low grade one at that. I would bet that the cloud on the reverse is probably some hazing. Sometimes hazing looks a lot worse in a picture than inhand.
  6. What do Original early US gold coins look like?

    That's fine! Nothing wrong with humor. If you're tired of the same joke, then just let it slide. No sarcasm is needed. Most members here, have been here for years and have a lot of respect from other members. Roger (RWB) is very knowledgeable and contributes greatly to this forum. Why can't we all just respect each other? Btw, I think your clocks look nice but I would also think that a separate thread would get them looked at more instead of throwing them in others threads. The "Numismatics General" forum would be the appropriate place as these are not US Coins, but numismatic clocks. No Discord in my comment, just helpful advice. Take care my friend!
  7. What do Original early US gold coins look like?

    I have to say that RWB is far from a Newbie. Not sure if your sarcasm is going to get you in good graces on this forum. I would also think that your advertising for your clocks would be best suited in the marketplace.
  8. Circulated Proof Morgan Dollars ?

    I can't really tell if any of them have been cleaned but they are just normal circulated morgans. You should search images of prooflike morgans and you will get an idea of the difference between normal circulated morgans and prooflike ones.
  9. Do you prefer your Steelies Toned? Or Prooflike?

    That's nice Jason. I like the Proof and Toning!
  10. 2017s proof silver eagle

    My thoughts are they keep coming out with soo many different Eagles now that its hard to collect these and be able to obtain every one. I've decided to keep to my standard W Proof, W Uncirc and P bullion for my dansco. The prices of these are getting to ridiculous for me to try to get them all.
  11. 1815 or 1813? Capped Bust Half in Rough Shape

    Looks like a 13 to me.

    Thanks for that bit of help there Bob! And nope, still not seeing any names under Likes!
  13. Fascinating 1933-S Walking Liberty half dollar

    I would believe it was real if it was a special made or pattern piece. Other than that, it just looks strange to me.

    Thanks Dena. I'll check it on my pc later. It doesn't seem to work on my android tablet. So I also checked this on my Win10 pc and no names show up under the likes that are given in a post. It would also be nice if when we have read posts in a thread, that when there is a new post within the thread that it will takes us to the first UNREAD post instead of having to scroll down from the original first post.