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  1. bsshog40

    2017D Ellis island quarter ddo?

    I agree, the latter pics show much better. If anything, as mentioned, just some mechanical doubling. Cool to look at, but not really worth anything.
  2. bsshog40

    Interesting Finds

    I agree with the 26-s as damage and same reason for it. I also agree that the 31 might be a lamination error, hard to tell by pics. I not sure what you're seeing in the rest as most look like damage and/or environmental damage. The Morgan puzzles me with the color. If its a gold color then it looks like it once was a plated morgan that the plating is wearing off.
  3. bsshog40

    Sample slabs

    Another hey and welcome back Alan!!
  4. bsshog40

    I am new here

    Welcome to the forum. Can be pretty slow at times but there's a lot of knowledgeable collectors here. The slowness just gives you enough time to absorb it all in. Lol
  5. bsshog40

    1964D Prooflike Quarter

  6. Picked this thing up off the bay for $10 tonight. Thought it was cool.
  7. My wife works for CVS. She knows now to look at all her change. Lol She'll even send me pics if she finds something odd.
  8. bsshog40

    Incuse coinage and the mint

    I Think it would be cool, just can't think of any modern coin it would look good with.
  9. bsshog40

    If at first you don't Succeed!

    That's awesome Jason. Can't imagine why is wasn't originally graded PL. Congrats on it now though!!
  10. I haven't really done much this year. Keeping my Danscos caught up and my Jefferson registry is about all. My other hobbies kept me kind of busy this year.
  11. bsshog40

    Hello from hell...Paradise lost

    Wow, My prayers went out to you and they are still there hoping your lives can get back to normal one day! Quite a step up in customer service that NGC is showing. Very few companies would ever do that!
  12. bsshog40

    1957 d penny ddo?

    Agree, no ddo.