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  1. I did the same as you jeff and ordered to silver sets this year to get the extra set of cents. In all my orders of proof, silver proof and Uncirc sets, all the W cents were rattling around in the boxes. I had to put them back in the envelopes. I guess what can you expect, if they had put a gum on the envelopes, then we would have to tear them open. They should have put these in the light cardboard envelopes with a slit to secure the top.
  2. An error will only get what someone is willing to pay for it. Your best bet is what you found on ebay completed sales, if any.
  3. Whats odd is I show that my sigs are active but I don't see any of my sigs. Lol
  4. I didn't change anything on my settings, but, the sigs are showing up now.
  5. You know Mike, I don't see any signatures in any posts. Are they located somewhere else? Problem with software?
  6. I agree with Mark! Specific proof coins that you are talking about would be better than advising people to grade all mint sets.
  7. Yea, not to turn the thread into a sticker bash, I also agree that a TPG's grade should be good enough without have to rely on another's opinion. But that's another topic. Lol
  8. Not really bashing the moderns soo much as I am spending money on a sticker that says your modern is better than the others. As stated, most moderns are still sitting in someone's collection and not being graded at all. Although I haven't seen the FS Jefferson that was in the OP's first post, I would think a special sticker celebrating the quality of a coin that does not live up to it's expectations is where the foolish money comes in putting it on a modern. That was I was actually referring to. I have some moderns myself and I think the meaning of my post wasn't clearly defined at what I was calling wasteful.
  9. Nothing like throwing more money away at moderns.
  10. They do look odd Mike. Do you think maybe just filled metal?
  11. I just wonder how much luster might be lost trying to get rid of that haze.