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  1. 1887 dollar coin.

    An 1887 Morgan, just making uncirculated grade of ms60 is only worth $50 going by NGC's price guide. Yours doesn't look circulated. Most of these morgans in belt buckles I know were mounted using screws in the back so I presume theres no glue or contaminants on the coin. There is usually wear on these at least on the Obverse. Your pics are fairly small but even though you say it looks flawless, there are still details of the coin that need to be there to be considered Uncirculated. I don't see uncirculated details from the pics you have provided. To me, it would be a $20-30 coin.
  2. 1877 Indian Head Penny

    This looks to have a lot of evironmental damage to me. The porous holes bother me also. If sent in, I would guess the best it would get is an authenticity grade. If its authentic. I'm not sure what miracles NCS is capable of though. Maybe someone else will know better.
  3. PF68 Cameo???

    Hazing is common on proofs, so I don't think its dip residue. I was more curious about grading with hazing present. As mentioned, could have hazed after grading also, depending on how long its been since it was slabbed. Thanks for the opinions my friends!
  4. PF68 Cameo???

    I hear ya Mark. I have one of those Benjamin proof commemoratives. It has acquired quite a bit of haze, but angled, I can see the mirrors. But I guess my main concern would be, can these be graded with haze at this high of grade? Do the graders just ignore the haze when grading it?
  5. West Point Eagles

    I think I figured out the answer right after I posted this. The Reverse is a Proof. Duh!!!!
  6. PF68 Cameo???

    So How can this grade sooo high with all the haze on it? Its a sellers pic but both reverse and Obverse look like they are hazed.
  7. West Point Eagles

    There is a spot for the 2013 W SP Enhanced Finish Silver Eagles, but no spot for the 2013 W Eagle Reverse for the West Point Eagle Set. Is there a reason? The category is the "AMERICAN EAGLES & BULLION COINS".
  8. 1795 FH $1 for the Registry Set

    Thats a nice piece there Sy!
  9. I would think that if it would have been double struck, everything else would be also. Not sure what caused it but it looks pretty cool.
  10. How do you grade a Cent like this?

    I would think that they would judge the grading by the details of what is not covered by the error. I'm thinking about VF.
  11. What is up with this? 1983 Lincoln

    Possibly a little die grease that stopped it from pressing all the way.
  12. Very strange linkoln penny (error?)

    Agree with a pmd'd 1.
  13. 1968 S DDO Linclon Memorial Error

    I would presume that after the mods seen this post that the OP is probably not able to respond anymore.
  14. 1953 PDS Washingtons for the B toner Dansco

    All look nice Sy! Love that triple D mm. Pretty cool.
  15. Prooflike (PL) Buffalo Nickel

    Awesome looking Buffalo!!