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  1. Now I'd be pretty happy finding a 180 degree rotated coin. Lol
  2. I agree also. Hopefully to find one in circulation but definitely now paying premium dollars for one.
  3. PCGS is giving a $5000 check to the first pcgs certified W quarter. These are going to be hard to find. They already have guys ats buying $500 boxes to search.
  4. Well that was the first image I found that came from this website.
  5. I agree with the others that you have posted many of these cents asking about specific errors and I have seen you post on the Collectors forum asking the same questions. You can google "Triple Strike" and get results just as I just did in 5 seconds. Look at your cent and the example shown below and see if there is a difference between yours and it. I realize you are a very new and unknowledgeable collector but you are taking NO initiative to do any research on your own. You might want to try it for a while before you start losing members that will no longer respond to your threads.