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  1. Welcome Ashley! As stated, hope you find our forum enjoyable and hope you stick around.
  2. When I'm hunting on the bay, I try all sorts of descriptions. You never know what comes up.
  3. It's all good advice above, so I can't really add to it. If I were to guess with your pics, I'm in the MS60-61 grade.
  4. No mention of any injury to Mr. Bristley. I presume he must have been wearing some FRC's. Lol
  5. I think it might be real but looks to have had a harsh cleaning at some time. Jmo
  6. I wonder if the TPG's use this method to get the gold coins to fit in slabs.
  7. Would someone jog my memory please? What was his user name?
  8. This forum has always been referred to as "Sleepy Hollow". Just because it's slower than most doesn't mean you won't get experienced people contributing. It use to be a little livelier back a few years ago but we have lost some really good friends and then some have moved on to other hobbies. I venture to the pcgs forum now and then. They are a lot busier, but for my interests, a lot of the threads are meaningless or do not pertain to my collecting interests. Just remember that More doesn't always mean better! Venture out to the others and then when you just want a break, come back and visit us. Lol
  9. I left all my sets as they were so everything remained the same. Glad I can add a pcgs coin if I need to now. Thanks for reverting back to the good days. Lol