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  1. bsshog40

    Sacagewea no date anywhere

    The OP is showing a 2009 Sac in which the Motto and MM is on the edge of the coin. Not on the Obverse. "E Pluribus Unum, Date & MM is on the edge. It looks like the possibility that it has worn off the edges enough that you cannot see any lettering or numbers.
  2. Yours is a normal reverse. Here is a link to some good info on it.
  3. bsshog40

    New DDR 1981 Wheat? Maybe?

    Even if you are seeing what you are seeing, I doubt its any type of recognizable error. With the pics provided, I really can't see what you are referring to.
  4. It looks like a environmentally damaged coin to me. If it had been on a cent planchet there would be 2 differences. #1 The lettering would be further from the rim because the cent planchet is larger. #2 There would be no reeds on the rim.
  5. bsshog40

    Is this 1994 dime an error??

    Looks like it does have a couple small die cracks. Don't see any doubling besides a little machine doubling. Not really any premium stuff, just cool stuff.
  6. bsshog40

    Is anyone carrying a pocket piece?

    I've carried this one for over 10 yrs now. Always goes in my left pocket and nothing else in that pocket with it. LOL
  7. bsshog40

    Have PVC damage

    Really need to see pictures of the coin.
  8. bsshog40

    1942 PDS Washingtons for my Registry set

    Those are very nice Sy! Love the toning! As alwalys, Bob brings the beauty out!
  9. bsshog40

    Got the USB and this is all I've got so far

    I like the pics. What kind of usb scope are you using?
  10. bsshog40

    Has this 44 Steel been fooled with?

    As I don't like to doubt David's knowledge, I'm curious as to what the clash would be? The only thing that would line up with that is the field behind Lincolns head and neck. If the field was pressed that hard, wouldn't the Liberty have clashed also?
  11. bsshog40

    1957 P and D Washingtons for the A toner Dansco

    Both look nice Sy! That P is awesome!
  12. Looks like someone took a hammer to it all the way around. Kind of what they do to silver coins when they are making rings out of them. Not very easy to do with a clad dime.
  13. bsshog40

    State quarter rare or not

    I bought one of those cheap $10 scales on ebay a few yrs back. I also have a couple 50g and one 100g weight to make sure it stays calibrated. Has and still works great.
  14. bsshog40

    1941 Lincoln Memorial penny

    So we all know this is a cleaned Lincoln Wheatie cent. But does that look like a cud on Lincolns forehead instead of a coonskin cap?
  15. bsshog40

    Damaged or error coin

    Looks like it's just a very worn cent to me.