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  1. If it was me dealing with modern coins, you would probably be money ahead to take the time to find the coin you want in the NGC holder and sell the PCGS coin outright.
  2. Praying for your wife and the baby. also praying for the doctors in charge. May God bless you both with a healthy baby and a speedy recovery for your wife.
  3. Will be praying for you and your wife over the next 10 weeks.
  4. Then again, if you pass on the first coin and get outbid on the second coin you have nothing but what if's
  5. Eagles Nest


    I agree with winndoc looks like the D on the 1936 has been added Both 32's and the 34-d look good and original. Just my openion
  6. Good luck with these coins and keep us posted on the outcome.
  7. Eagles Nest

    July 4th

    Happy July 4th to all the collectors out there and thank you to all the Vets that make our country the best in the world. Your service is the only reason we still have the freedoms we have and may God bless us all Jerry
  8. Very nice, Love the detail of the early US coins.
  9. thank you all for the comments. I will probably send it in at least to get it slabbed.
  10. I picked up this 1916-D Buffalo and to me it is a DDO although according to Walter Breen's Encyclopedia none have been verified. What do you thank?
  11. Hey Rick, No need to kill a dead horse. It is what it is!
  12. In my opinion the coin would not certify full steps. The steps are not complete on the left side and there in a tick on the right through the steps below the third column.
  13. Welcome aboard and hope you get as much enjoyment out of the hobby as I have over the years.
  14. With all of these comments it still seems to fall on deaf ears. By the way NGC, not all change is good!
  15. Eagles Nest

    The Beginning

    Today I turned 71 and I started with my uncle giving me ten pennies, one was a 1909 vdb. I also started building a date set and was doing pretty good until I got a Whitman folder and then noticed the D & S slots. I have been hooked ever since. Love the hobby!