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  1. Hi, Ali. Thank you - i followed the directions in the email. Regards, Roman.
  2. Hi Ali, Its.been a few weeks now - are you able to add this slot?
  3. Hi Ali E. Can you please add the following: Set: Charles IV, 8 Reales, Bust of Charles IV (1791-1808), Circulation Issue Set URL: New Coin Slot: 1796MO FM F/T My coin that qualifies for the slot: Thank you, Roman.
  4. I think you should definitely get it slabbed and attributed. Quite a Mint Error!
  5. Amazing - thank you! I'll get a few of my other varieties packaged-up for shipping.
  6. That's an odd decision. What makes this variety different from the other over-assayer in the set already? Is it possible to speak with a Senior World grader about this? I'm trying hard to find reasons to engage with the NGC registry again, but you folks are not making it easy for someone in my area of specialization.
  7. Any update on this request? Thank you.
  8. Thanks Ali E. Is there a list published somewhere of experts that are consulted? I remember providing feedback on the composition of the original Mexico portrait sets around 2008 when they were being built out, but have not been very active at NGC since. There are a handful of specialists in this area and would be great to know who is being consulted. For example, the reference I cited by Brad Yonaka is the most up-to-date view of all the varieties for the Mexico portrait series. Is Brad on the expert panel for NGC?
  9. Hi. I recently certified a new (to NGC) variety of Mexico 8 Reales and would like it added to this complete varieties set: This variety is well known to specialized collectors and has been documented in Brad Yonaka's recent book : "A Variety Guide to the silver and copper coinage of the mexico city mint 1772-1821" alongside with the varieties already present in the set. Here's the coin in question: Please let me know what steps I need to take to have this added, as the online "request to add a slot" resulted in this coin being added in a non-variety 1815 8 Reales slot. Thank you, Roman.
  10. Congrats to all who pushed to get the PCGS coins back into US competitive sets. Too bad world sets are still not allowing PCGS coins.
  11. Thought I was coming back, but with this change not applying to World Coin Sets - no reason to do so. Too bad.
  12. Most definitely a counterfeit. Design elements (portrait, reverse shield, legend) are not even close to the regal king punches used in Mexico. Might be a contemporary forgery, which would still have value to collectors.
  13. Thanks @Abuelo's Collection. I was very happy to add it to the collection. That 1800 is my favorite out of the recent additions.
  14. A few additions from NYINC and a few weeks earlier: 1800 Mexico 8 Reales (PCGS63) 1801-FM Mexico 8 Reales (PCGS64) 1794 Lima, Peru 8 Reales (PCGS63+) 1566 Scotland Ryal of Mary (NGC53)
  15. Do you have a question about this Mexico 50 centavos from San Luis Potosi Mint or just sharing?
  16. Continuing to prune my collection of duplicates. For sale here first for a few days to give fellow forum members a chance to own them before listing on eBay or sending them in to HA. I'll keep updating this post as I go through the sets. 1773 PCGS XF45 - tougher inverted mint mark / assayer initials variety for this year. Nice original XF. **$350** 1797 PCGS AU55 - pop 3/0. Lustrous with golden toning. Some strike weakness and chatter in the fields. **SOLD** 1803-TH PCGS XF40 - key date listed in Krause at $600 in XF (hahaha). While scarce, an original XF like this one is closer to the price i'm asking: **$220** 1804 PCGS AU53 - nice coin with a touch of color and luster. **SOLD** 1799 PCGS AU55: **$350** 1821 PCGS AU50. Pedigreed to Isabel de Trastamara sale in Madrid. **250** 1798 PCGS AU50 **SOLD** 1801 PCGS XF45: Scarcer assayer for this year. **SOLD** 1810-HJ PCGS AU55: A bit of luster, relatively common. **$175** 1813-JJ PCGS AU55 Lustrous and beautifully toned reverse: **$325** 1808/7 PCGS AU58: Scarce overdate, unlisted in Calbeto. Pop 1 with only 1 higher. Dripping with luster. **$375** 1819 PCGS AU53: Toned and lustrous **$220** 1791 PCGS AU53 with nice color: **SOLD** 1805 PCGS AU58 - more lustrous than the image implies. Overall very attractive coin: **SOLD** 1800 PCGS AU58 with lots of luster and just a touch of peripheral color: **SOLD**
  17. Prices reduced and now on eBay with about a day to go. Get your Pieces of 8 while the prices are down! Click to be magically transported
  18. 1815 Mexico 8 Reales in AU50 - $300 Nice original surfaces 1777 Mexico 8 Reales in AU53 (undergraded, in my opinion) - SOLD Scarcer assayer combination. Top pop at PCGS. Lovely color. The image was taken through glass to show color and the light came out too warm. In reality the obverse is closer to white. 1819 Mexico 8 Reales in XF45 - $200 Nice original coin. Great addition to a type set.
  19. What was the motivation for doing so? Was your collection a greater percentage of PCGS coins, or was it an economic based decision because of perceived increased value in the market, or just a protest against change, in that a free stuff registry model disappeared, i.e. a competitor decided to not support another competitor? Does PCGS allow NGC in their world coin registry? I had about 50% of my collection in PCGS plastic at the time of the announcement and had to make a decision whether I would stay with NGC or move to PCGS. The reason I decided to go with PCGS is due to being a big believer in customer experience as a differentiator between service providers. The way NGC approached the move and the overall lack of communication / acknowledgement of the additional pains their existing customers had to go through with regards to their collection choices (and associated financial impact) made me feel like NGC didn't really care about what I thought or felt as a consumer of their services. It was an unpleasant experience, especially since I spent my own time and helped initially craft a number of Colonial Mexico registry sets.
  20. Having said that, NGC should run some $5 cross-over specials to help reduce the cost of aligning to their NGC-only Registry vision for those who want to stay.