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  1. I've always subscribed to the theorem of "buy the coin, not the holder." I have some very nice coins in ANACS and ICG holders, but the majority are in NGC and PCGS. I've cracked out a number of coins because the bulk of that series in my collection was raw (CBH and WLH for example). It has been a while since I cracked out any coin. The last couple of years I have stuck with more expensive ($300+) in NCG or PCGS only. If it is sticked with the CAC bean so much the better, although that is not the sole determinant in my purchase. I still buy what I like that is attractive to me and fits into my collection. I have become much more selective as the years go by.
  2. TJ'S Coins

    Some Susan B. Anthony's

    Toning is a definite improvement to the SBA's. Nice, affordable pick up!
  3. Great coins, everyone of them. I think we share the same birth year.
  4. Sunday, April 3, 2016 the Metro East Coin and Currency Club is sponsoring a coin show at the American Legion 1022 Vandalia Street (Route 159) Collinsville, IL 62234, 30 Dealer tables ready to buy, sell and trade. Hours are from 9:00 am -3:00 pm.
  5. TJ'S Coins

    AT or NT????

    Market Acceptable, natural toning, IMO.
  6. Love the toning, especially on the reverse!
  7. I love the autumn toning of this delightful coin, one of my favorite commemoratives!
  8. TJ'S Coins

    My 1917 25c type set

    Great examples of both types. Nice!
  9. Great story with a happy ending. Have you thought about detective work?
  10. Very nice grouping of coins!
  11. I like attractively toned coins and am willing to pay a premium for them. The obverse toning is nice, the reverse doesn't excite me. I'd be in for $100 max. I'm happy for the new owner and seller. I would love to have been the seller (thumbs u
  12. TJ'S Coins

    If you could change....

    More local coin clubs.
  13. Environmental damage of an unknown origin.
  14. All nice coins I would welcome in my collection. The color on the 1963 Jefferson is outstanding. Congratulations on these good finds!