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  1. I've always subscribed to the theorem of "buy the coin, not the holder." I have some very nice coins in ANACS and ICG holders, but the majority are in NGC and PCGS. I've cracked out a number of coins because the bulk of that series in my collection was raw (CBH and WLH for example). It has been a while since I cracked out any coin. The last couple of years I have stuck with more expensive ($300+) in NCG or PCGS only. If it is sticked with the CAC bean so much the better, although that is not the sole determinant in my purchase. I still buy what I like that is attractive to me and fits into my collection. I have become much more selective as the years go by.
  2. Some Susan B. Anthony's

    Toning is a definite improvement to the SBA's. Nice, affordable pick up!
  3. 1958 P Roosevelts and Franklins from a 1958 Mint Set

    Great coins, everyone of them. I think we share the same birth year.
  4. Sunday, April 3, 2016 the Metro East Coin and Currency Club is sponsoring a coin show at the American Legion 1022 Vandalia Street (Route 159) Collinsville, IL 62234, 30 Dealer tables ready to buy, sell and trade. Hours are from 9:00 am -3:00 pm.
  5. AT or NT????

    Market Acceptable, natural toning, IMO.
  6. Love the toning, especially on the reverse!
  7. Great post, wonderful information!
  8. New pix, old coin: Connecticut Commem

    I love the autumn toning of this delightful coin, one of my favorite commemoratives!
  9. My 1917 25c type set

    Great examples of both types. Nice!
  10. Great story with a happy ending. Have you thought about detective work?
  11. Pidcock Token Grading Results & Pics

    Very nice grouping of coins!
  12. Over 2K dollars for a toned Kennedy?

    I like attractively toned coins and am willing to pay a premium for them. The obverse toning is nice, the reverse doesn't excite me. I'd be in for $100 max. I'm happy for the new owner and seller. I would love to have been the seller (thumbs u
  13. If you could change....

    More local coin clubs.
  14. Environmental damage of an unknown origin.
  15. All nice coins I would welcome in my collection. The color on the 1963 Jefferson is outstanding. Congratulations on these good finds!