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  1. If you were to give this coin a grade whatnwould it be?? Have opportunity to acquire just wanting to make sure I do my due diligence first! Thanks for the advise oh wise coin gods!!!
  2. Well I think it's atleast safe to say it's real... YIppiieee!! Haha
  3. So a magnet definitely did not attract to this coin ... so that's means it's real right??
  4. So I when bought this coin it was from a auction website and the photos that were attached were just generic stock photos no actual photos of the actual I know why they didnt take actual ones...bahahaha probably wouldn't have even sold & when It arrived, honestly what I thought was it looked good but now I know otherwise. Yes I am new to collecting so ty for the insight but when I titled this post it was more so in a joking manner. I did feel like it was to good to be true. Also why I posted so many pictures... so experts could examine it not being present. That being said when I get home tonight I'll check with a magnet and get back to yall with the results. Ty to all who responded and i didn't take any comments to heart. I mean that's why I asked was because I honestly didn't know but knowledge is power and the more you know the better off you'll be!!! Right?? :]
  5. First I managed to snag this beaut for $35 good buy?? Or No?? Also I noticed maybe one or two slight hairline scratches on his cheek can barely even tell... would this be MS?? And worth actually getting it graded?? Thank you for your insight and for the knowledge!!!
  6. I recently acquired this coin online from an online on and from an online auction and per the the book value book value this is one of the top 5 most value the top 5 most valuable dollar denomination coins. I paid roughly just under $70 after shipment.. Do you think that I got a good deal in this regard or?? And if you were to give it a grade what would you give it just off of these pictures? And also if you look at the back of the coin I was just noticing it looks like it could have possibly been cleaned do you think that this is true or is there not enough information that could be told based off of the pitcures provided? Thank you all for your answers and in advance in taking the time out of your day to help an unexpeirenced coin collector!
  7. So, the issue I am having with determining the value of this coin is the evident toning that has agiven this coin the exquisite patina it has acquire d. I am just at a loss when it comes to the whole "tone" aspect of grading. Any insight into the grade and value of this gem is much appreciated!! ~Thanks in
  8. What number grade would you give?? Based on photos??
  9. I recently picked this coin up from A flea market down the road and it seems to be an absolutely superb condition and when I looked up the value it seems to be one of the most valuable. Can anyone give me any insight to this and what this coin could possibly have it have a grade of?? Any help would be appreciated!!