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  1. My brother tells me that 1943 steel pennies are a dime a dozen. I have never located one so he gave me 5 of his for my BD. What are the hallmarks of a desirable or unusual 1943 steel penny that might increase it's value (if it's worth at least a penny?!) The only thing I know for sure is they are the only pennies I have that stick to a magnet 🧲. 😁 Thank you in advance for any info provided.
  2. Has anyone ever heard of a 1902/1 Indian Head penny? If so, what conditions could help me determine if it's worth having examined and graded? The question is also extended to IH pennies in general. I have the following: 1902(/1?), 1903, 1904, 1906, & 1907.
  3. I'm not sure but I've seen many error coins that were likely passed on as such. So ... Intuition? 😆 Wing and a prayer? I'm trying to determine how to recognize a coin that may be worth the cost of grading despite obvious low grade? OR high grade. I'm on a budget but something keeps telling me to soldier on. XxxOoo Thanks for responding.
  4. Thank you. I appreciate everyone who has "invested" some of their time (and That to me means more than you know) and energy to help a struggling student. XxxOoo
  5. 1. I apologize for the number of pics. 2. Some taken in daylight, some under magnification or microscope, w/&w/o Xtra lighting. 3. Is location and blending of letters/date due to damage or from mint? 4. Something just looks odd about this coin's pattern of "damage"? 😁 Thanks for tolerating me during this learning curve. I really appreciate it! XxxOoo
  6. Couldn't get good lighting. W/O Xtra illumination they are all the similar in color, etc except for the 1981-S. She's always had that curved line with different toning. Anywho... Can anyone advise What to look for in determining if SBA coins (in general) are worth more than $1.00? And if selling is it best to keep set intact even though no 1999 coins? Thank you!
  7. I know this coin is low grade BUT when I look at it and take pics from different angles there appears to be a D either under or superimposed on the S? Any thoughts? Thank you!
  8. IDK. Doesn't appear to be post mint damage on closer inspection. I think I'll keep it until I can have it examined "in the flesh" by a pro. My favorite coins are the "rejects", the fugly ones 😆. I can relate. Their value may not be readily apparent on face value alone?! If not, that's ok too. But I TRY to go with my gut. I've learned the hard way that not listening to that "inner voice" is a big boo-boo 99.9% of the time. But thanks for all the responses. The consensus seems to agree with you so that tells me the chance I'm correct is slim. Maybe one of those 0.1% times my radar is scrambled. It happens! In the meantime I'm having a bit of fun and it's nice to have a space to communicate with people who know so much more than I do concerning "coins of the realm". 😁 Every comment is valuable in my book. XxxOoo
  9. Quarter on left is 2001-P, & on right is 2001-D. I thought the 2001-D was interesting? I had to use magnification, microscope, and/or extra light source so pics not the best. But I have many of the Quarters from 1999-2008. There are so many it is hard to know which ones to keep? XxxOoo 😁
  10. OMG! I can't believe I did that! 😆 Alrighty then off to a roaring start here! Thanks for the kind correction. Please excuse me while I go wipe the egg off my face 🍳 🤍