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  1. Thanks for your opinions and facts about the coin. I do know that the peace dollars are easily found, My dad left me-16 /1921 peace dollars and -18 /1928, (all are graded MS63 and higher)none of the 1928 peace dollars have a mint mark, so they're all Philadelphia mintage. You won't find 1928p or 1921 peace dollars for a dime a dozen though,lol
  2. Shows strange lines 3 and 4 in each set of dings,only on the reverse side, front shows no sign of the pressure it took to make the many gouges. It even made the laural look longer. Is this a know error type or graffiti. Thanks for your time and patience with a newbie. Peacepipe
  3. This 1921 peace dollar was purchased at a flea market in the 1970s. I had put it in my cigar box and forgot about the coins. After finding the box and opening it, I examined the coins and found out the 1921 peace dollar had a double line on the neck, chin, and nose. Can anyone tell me if this is a fake or an error coin, and what it may be worth today. The front has a lot of tarnish, but shows no scratches or rim damage. I was told that it would be a great coin for a collector to have because of the year, condition and the error. I'm just beginning to get a organized collection going, and I'd l