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  1. So, if I sent the coins in for grading, the experts at NCG could tell me if my 1943 nickels are copper-nickel in composition or copper- silver-manganese ? I live in a very small town that is far from any cities of any good size. I do appreciate your input.
  2. I just started getting interested in coins after a bad motor vehicle accident 1 year ago. if I submit a coin for grading, is the composition of the coin taken into account during the grading process? the reason I ask is because I have a couple of 1943 nickels, and I am wondering if they are the true nickel ones that may have slipped through the minting process. You see, I don't have the money for a metallurgy test per coin. I joined this company as I have coins that I don't know the value of, or their classification. I am dealing with some brain damage from my accident and am a slow learner a