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  1. Thank you for your reply. I must admit, this process seems very complex, how is one to know what tier, and why does it matter? I admit i am new to this, and would love to take advantage of the credit I have with my membership. However, you now throw something new at me. I had all the forms filled out. Is there anywhere i can go that clearly explains all of these different tiers and how I decide? How do I know the value of the coin? Do I make it up?
  2. I have a 1884 CC Silver dollar that is in its original case from the government, stating it is uncirculated, along with the box and certificate. I have seen these graded by NGC, and they were kept in original holder. How do I go about requesting this when I submit the coin to be graded.
  3. I agree, one should, and even when one does this, one should continue to ask questions that will help them learn and grow. I would l think we can do that without judging.
  4. This is a good point, but truthfully, the antique sterling silver market I am talking about, the entry point for a decent item, in good shape, with proper providence, will cost more then any coin I have purchased. And my advice for that person would be to seek out a person who is knowledgeable and trust worthy. Then, if you like the item purchase it. No different then coins. I guess the point of my question was not to get into a discussion of what I can or can not afford to do with my money. I got a good deal on this coin, you all assume I spent more then the coins worth, when my point wa
  5. I do thank you all for your responses and feed back. I did seek others, and I did do my due diligence. Yes, this is a new hobby and I have much to learn. Now, if you ever need advice on Antique Sterling silver from th 1700 forward, this I know well. If you want to know anything about American pocket watches and chains, and how to evaluate them, I am your guy. However, at this time I needed a new hobby. Someone asked if one of my first coins had to be a 4 digit coin, and this is a good question, did it? What is the good price point for a starter who can afford and wants a nice coin f
  6. I have been a long collector of antique sterling silver, and I decided it was time to play with a new hobby. I thought researching the providence of some of the items I own, was difficult. It is simple compared to this hobby. I have been reading as much as I can and have found a few people who have helped explain, and also told me that a membership here is a must. So here I am. Now for my question. I recently was convinced that this was a good coin for me to add, it bit on the higher end for a start as it was explained, but he told me to look into the coin. Well frankly,