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  1. Trying to amass weight for long term hold.
  2. I am looking to buy silver bars - I'm thinking 10 oz. bars. ( I can purchase smaller or larger) There many different bars out there at different prices. I plan to hold them long term What is the best denomination for silver bars? Which variety of bar is the best for the long term?
  3. Thoughts about purchasing secondary market silver bars. Plan to hold for a long time. Is the savings worth it - or am I better off to buy new at a higher premium?
  4. Advice on cleaning silver dollars - is it a no-no? If it's OK to clean them - what material would you use?
  5. Suggestions on where to buy silver or gold bars?
  6. Thanks - where is the best pace to buy silver or gold bars?
  7. Yes essentially just starting out. I did some coin collecting in my youth - decades ago. I am mostly interested in accumulating precious metals, primarily silver and also some gold. Silver dollars interest me because they have the value of the silver and the additional collectorvalue.
  8. On the NGC Morgan Dollar price Guide - there are several designations I don;t know the meaning of - Across the top "Desig" (MS - MSPL - MSDPL) Then "PrAg" - then "53" "55" "58" etc. Here is a link to the Morgan guide - Thanks! Tom