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  1. A few Prussian 20 Mark Gold coins. What do you think?
  2. I am pretty sure it is holding its value at 25 cents.
  3. Recent pickup, I liberated this 1880-O from the GSA packaging and got some crud off with acetone. Anyone want to take a guess what it might grade, and/or identify a VAM? Thanks for looking.
  4. This Ebay listing comes to mind, listed for $19,950. With the description Yeah, I'm gonna believe this Ebay seller.
  5. His show offers some education, and sometimes interesting facts. As far as pricing, it's simple to instantly compare on Ebay, and from what I have seen, his prices are crazy high. Also, from time to time you can see either from his commentary or the price sheets he holds up, many of the episodes are reruns from several years ago, when for the most part prices were significantly higher. I don't believe the lousy spotted flat pack proofs he shows of examples of "typical proof sets" really are "typical", I suspect he searches for the worst ones he can find and just calls them "typical". I have hundreds of flat pack proof sets, and not a single one of them has any bad looking coins I have a couple of his books, but aside from pretty pictures, I haven't found them particularly useful. That's my opinion.
  6. Wouldn't a raw coin with these same attributes also indicate stability? Not sure of your logic, please explain. Thanks.
  7. Is this MS-66 gold CAC coin an 1892-micro O? C'mon don't hold back! Having said that, do you care to post pics of it?
  8. I agree with Mark's assessment. If the photos are accurate, it's AU at best. Obvious wear on both sides.
  9. Keep in mind, a gold sticker indicates it should be worthy of 1 or more higher grade. And, keep in mind, the older slabs these are often found on, are before the TPGs had the * and + grades.
  10. My observation is that many/most of the gold CACS are on the old NGC and old PCGS holders, such as the one shown by the OP. Here's one of mine.
  11. Well, that pretty much sums it up. End of story.
  12. Clearer images would be helpful. From what I can tell, my guess it that it may be a circulated proof.
  13. At one time NGC used a "W" designation on Franklin halves to designation "white". Can you tell me if these were used on MS, PF or both and the timeframe when the designation was used. Thank You.