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  1. 6 hours ago, JKK said:

    I mean that your coin corresponds most closely to the Sear (Volume I) catalog of Roman coins, #1857. It is no longer an unattributed coin. If you want to read up on it, you can search for Sear 1857 or S-1857, and you might find examples for sale that would help you determine market value. It is the key bit of information you most needed, the hardest one to supply you with.


    6 hours ago, GBrad said:

    An attribution (in my best terminology and explanation) is a number assigned to any specific coin that defines certain aspects or characteristics of that individual coin in question. A lot of coins, especially those dating back to this time frame, have slightly different nuances, details, devices, something a little off here, something a little off there, etc (they didn't quite have CNC machines and computer automated drawings back in B.C. and all the dies were completely handmade)...... you get my point.  So when a coin is attributed it is given a specific label, number, etc.... so that collectors can reference a particular attribution, in relation to their coin, in order to compare it to.  Please correct me if I am wrong in saying this.  Even modern day coinage is still attributed for things such as varieties and errors.  

    Thank you so much for explaining in detail. Like I said, I am quiet new. I am glad I posted my question in this forum, you have provided me with lots of information and resource to learn. Appreciate your help!

  2. 2 hours ago, JKK said:

    I do not see any reason to believe it not genuine. Looks like a rough cleaning, but that is often the only way to de-crudulate these. An as, I reckon.

    Thanks, here is the closest match I found online if you would like to know more -https://ikmk.smb.museum/object?id=18204656


    Apparently it is a bronze coin, is it better to clean this with acetone or any suggestions on cleaning?