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  1. Yes sir, I wanna personally thank everyone, sorry I didn't have all my ducks in a row. I'm so new it's not even funny, every answer I get contradicts even Mr. Breen, I'm so lost. To be honest, yes you all helped me with the pictures/angles nobody likes, along with a bunch of teaching, like quoted by fellow members nobody likes the one who bucks the system, aka the teachers, for this I'm sorry. I just had questions, that obviously didn't fit the norm, for putting up with me, I wanna thank everyone. Thanks all for everything.
  2. Thanks @RWB, yeah I didn't know if that would apply to something like this. Updated info on ejection marks per Breen. I'm not saying anyone is wrong. Better ejection marks pictures. Ejection: Single Planchet Any failure of the feeding mechanism to eject the newly struck coin completely from the coining chamber will produce a mint error. Except for double profiles, these are major errors, some grotesque, all prized. Also better Die Break Pictures. 22.2. Die breakage: Includes chips, single cracks, multiple cracks, split dies, bisecting cracks, rim crumbling, and major rim breaks. Accidents, one and all, not errors, though often collected by mint error specialists. An early complete listing is included in Die States for the individual varieties. Also see the keys to the various dates, which normally list the more bizarre or extreme die breaks. No need to carry on thanks again all for everything.
  3. I also read about RIDB, here's what I found. They'll know more about then me. Retained Interior Die Break. It's when a piece of the die breaks off but then settles back into the die. An IDB is when it falls out, not retained. JC, on CUDs on Coins has designated 4 mm to be the minimum size in order to qualify, which in my simple calculations, should be about the size of an eraser on a pencil. Thanks all
  4. Anyways, thanks a bunch all I've learned so much. Just had questions? Retained Interior Die Break. It's when a piece of the die breaks off but then settles back into the die. An IDB is when it falls out, not retained. JC, on CUDs on Coins has designated 4 mm to be the minimum size in order to qualify, which in my simple calculations, should be about the size of an eraser on a pencil. Weight? Could said rollers make it weigh 10% underweight or more as stated, along with the 5% overweight, true or false? Thanks again all for everything PS, RWB you da man awesome information.
  5. Wonder why no professionals mentioned underweight coins upto 10% or more, let alone overweight by 5%. For the record, I'm no professional, or do I claim to be one. Only obvious from my threads. Thanks all 4. Rollers set too close together made strip, and therefore blanks, too thin. Tentatively listed as mint errors only if about 10% or more underweight, without incomplete planchet or lamination, and without evidence of overstriking on tokens or other coins. Lesser weight deviations are more common (several are recorded at 1794).(An example of 1794 variety 57 in the collection of the ANS weighs 190.95 grains (12.37 grams). "Wrong stock" would apply only if the cents were on blanks cut from half cent strip, therefore of half cent thickness. Three possible standard weights: a 1793 variety 16 or any 1793 Liberty Cap on the earliest half cent stock (made mid-May for 1793 half cents at 22.2 mm) would weigh about 172.64 grains (11.19 grams), 1793 Liberty Cap through 1795 on late 1793-95 half cent stock (made for half cents at 23.8 mm) would weigh 150.11 grains (9.73 grams), and 1795 Plain Edge through about 1800 would weigh 121.26 grains (7.86 grams).) Authentication is recommended. Prolonged acid baths outside of the Mint also lower weight, though at the cost of blurring details and ruining the coin. 5. Rollers set too far apart made strip, and therefore blanks, too thick. Tentatively listed as a mint error only if more than 5% overweight; specimens under 5% excess are more common (several are known dated 1794) and are not of interest to error collectors. Authentication is recommended: cast and electrotype copies are usually grossly overweight also. Look at the edge first. (Major examples include: 1794 variety 52,222 grains (14.39 grams, 6.7% overweight). Unseen. 1795 variety 8, 187 grains (12.12 grams, 11.3% overweight), Kagin's 1/30/1986 : 4139.)
  6. If by directing you mean, only after you all said it was worth $1 to fill some album to said person, that I chimed in my opinion. So you all can tell people oh it's garbage, and if I respond differently then you all did, then I'm directing, when in effect I did the same thing you all just did.
  7. How does an opinion violate anything?
  8. Lol I haven't sold anything, I'm not promising anything.
  9. You're upset cause what others are buying, I'm sorry for your loss. You're upset cause I say I think I see marks, how bout this, whenever I post crazy circles, you all respond just the same way you have been, and let's just find out what the customers want, they have their own opinions also right?
  10. You mean for the past few years, to which you have all responded the same way to all the original posters. Hmmm I wonder if it's working?
  11. Grasp this,,, it's on the coin,,, get over it. If someone, like me or whoever, wants to buy this, then who are you to say anything. If anyone points it out, who are you to make puns about said OP, like you have been doing for years, and to me since April 4th. Obviously there is a demand cause I'm not alone. Why would that upset any of you? Did this person make you buy said coin? Who is anyone to tell us what to buy? This is quote from woods, And yes trying to sell a damaged coin with insane claims is, atleast in my opinion, dishonest. Why wouldn’t they get their own coin and make a lion face if they wanted? In the eyes of the beholder, I bet you hate that aspect huh? Also to answer, obviously cause only a professional could spot a brand new raised lion mint mark, just as well as they could see a raised S on a throat, adding patina and all the age good luck.
  12. Number one, me saying it looks like a lion mark and to explain it and refer them here, is not in any way being dishonest, me saying I think there's a demand for something like this, also falls under me not being dishonest in any way shape or form, me saying that whatever it is isn't accepted and probably never will be, is not in any way shape or form being dishonest. Me giving a rough price of what I'd pay for it, is in no way harmful to the coin industry, or in any way being dishonest. Yes sir, I added smudge marks
  13. Don't worry bout it, it's dirt, I mean it's die deteration, no wait it's impact marks, oops sorry I meant bag marks, oops sorry wrong again those are smudge marks. You all have told me all kinds of what is it, it's never the same, what would you think? Thanks all
  14. Well that's that On to the next, last pic is the Morgan, gotta run all, I'll be back. Thanks for sharing
  15. I like all of them, of course I've got questions, like a smooth operator I can see marks with ease. Biggest one is what looks like an upside down 9,,,,, whatcha all think
  16. Well, let's refer people not touch a coin like this, feels greasy and insta smudge,,, So we know now. The smudge is even present in the picture. Also I use the plastic scale cover reversed so I can place the coin like so. Here's the new
  17. I thought about it while I was working today, we're going to have to grade it, cause we need this type in the book. For referencing etc. Heading home shortly Thanks all
  18. I'll get a picture on the scale, yeah I don't touch the insides, but ok I'll do it :)
  19. Yeah they don't sell for big bucks, so I highly doubt it's fake and or been sanded, now if they were worth thousands of dollars, the story might be different or at least more investigating it. Since I know it was a brand new 2020 box, which I've got like 6 more to search, there would be no need on my side to further investigate. Thanks all
  20. Wow spectacular @RWB, you the man. In my book, you have earned the Badge of Honor, for you kind sir, stood your ground. The crazy things that come from standing our grounds, for opposition is fierce, to where nothing is out of bounds, not to mention the aftermath. I'd probably do the same and distance myself from anything and everything, for the burn would seem like yesterday. We all are the backbone, right down to the new members, we all need to stand together, not disband. There's gonna be times when you see fellow coin people in need, that's the times we are all needed like an internet family, aka the backbone. Regardless what side we stand on, now more than ever we need to unite, for when United we stand even taller. The road is always uphill when you're standing your ground, stand tall, walk tall, you've earned it now. It might seem there is no reward for the good deeds we do in life,,, but if we needed an award or to be rewarded, that would defeat the whole purpose. I'm sure there's many members here that in my book, that I highly respected even before this story, that also have great achievements under their belts, so this isn't just an RWB thing. Just my own opinion Thanks all, have a great day.
  21. Do we need a different picture? Doesn't seem sanded to me, brand new 2020D box from last year. Weight 2.47 grams
  22. Yes but doesn't that look like a lion face?
  23. Maybe struck threw grease? Whatcha all think? Thanks all