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  1. I checked again under magnification no mint mark
  2. Just found this at antique store. I’d grade it at a 50 or less. What are your thoughts? Worth sending it in to be authenticated and graded?
  3. I would say you are correct. Nevertheless it is a beautiful coin details are exceptional.
  4. Thanks all for taking the time to to review the pictures and comment. I greatly appreciate and respect your input.
  5. Several people have graded this coin from AU58 - MS63. I’m uncertain it’s a nice coin, good luster, nice eye appeal, slightly weak strike on reverse on some letters. Any thoughts , should I have it graded? Although it isn’t high value it’s one of my favorite coins.
  6. This is a 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar. On the reverse there is a mark extending from the bottom left wing traveling diagonally across the A in Dollar. Barely visible to the naked eye. Any thoughts?
  7. I’ve purchased many modern bullion coins from APMEX over the years. Never had a problem. However, the rush to buy physical silver has created long delays in shipping and availability of some products are scarce
  8. So save my money and not have this coin graded to include a minting error?
  9. I have a 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar the obverse is tapered not worn. Rim missing between the B and R in Liberty. What type of error would make this anomaly? See picture.