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  1. Oh, I just started in numismatics. I wouldn't want to speculate why that is. I just go by the old rules of supply and demand. My only guess is that there are many more 64's than there are 62's.
  2. Yes. I read that dollar coins take a beating. I guess that's why they put Ike on the front of it, LOL. I saw an MS64 on EBay that sold for 25 and an MS62 trying to get 499. I love EBay, LOL. They both had a bunch of marks on them too so I guess grading is less stringent for that year.
  3. Yes, I'm hoping someone here would be able to tell me why it was in a sealed enclosure in the first place. They all have a lot of bag marks I guess they were transported in bags before being placed in the packaging. I took the pics with a DSLR but I do plan on getting a USB Microscope. I have one in my shopping cart. Thanks!
  4. Hello Everyone. I just joined as I am interested in getting more familiar with how to grade coins and maybe even see if I can afford to collect some, LOL. I guess I'll just jump into the most active thread I currently have an interesting find. It is some kind of promo package that contained 12 1972 Eisenhower Dollars in uncirculated condition and am wondering if anyone out there has heard of anything like this around that time. I am attaching pictures of one of the coins front and back as well as a picture of the sealed enclosure that the coins were in. I would like to know about grading the coin (ninjagrades welcome) as well as any information regarding their origins. I also have a few of what I think are errors that I will be uploading as well for comments. Thank you.