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  1. Gary, Great new addition of a rare and beautiful coin. As always, awesome pictures and presentation. I have never seen a new one, so hence, I don't know the looks of a new one. However, I think I can safely say that I prefer the color of yours. Your set is young and hopefully with the addition of this so early it will bring good tidings to any others you seek. In general, For anyone interested, I will start and\or maintain your website for free or you can donate to the cause. I simply love designing websites and am, on a limited basis now, a coin collector. If you need references, please ask. Talk to Gary and listen to his opinion. I started his site and he is now maintaining it on his own!
  2. SOOO happy for you! Our son turns 20 in Oct but I can still see him in this position hours after being born. Great times ahead! I thought I was prepared for ours......still learning today.
  3. Doug, What can I say! A dear friend that I will miss immensely. A true collector to the core of this hobby. Several top sets that no one can beat. I am glad, however, that you found the sanctuary that you now own. The sad part is it only cost you $2 in coins! Best of luck to you hunting your new land and hopefully Trophies will come from it. Best of luck Doug! At least I have your email!. Michael