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  1. Thanks , for the info So unless you find silver or something with an S on it then its pretty much just for fun ,and even if you find something being that everything I have has been circulated except the cheerios penny so the condition is definitely not gonna measure up to anything substantial .Its fun learning and looking through them anyway .I appreciate all the info .
  2. On the dime environmental damage well that probably isn't gonna help I have about 1000 dimes on the table and that's the only one that looks totally grey ,then very close up brown like an old penny maybe it has a lot of copper in it .I do know one thing I have about every quarter from 1999 to 2020 which is pretty cool ,I have no idea if the quarters are desirable.
  3. I Found something 1969 D no fg I think it looks like Bush's if there is fg then its not legible on both sides I see a few online 100 .00 dollars is this legit error I see floating roof mine don't have that .
  4. Awesome a book would be easier ,yeah I'm drowning here I've a huge pile of change on my table 2 days now using a magnifying glass to look at everything ,I I've seen some of the videos of all the errors and thought why not try .I thought this penny was what they refer to as a red penny . I also have a cheerios penny in the package a year 2000 someone online said something about AM but its in a package, I can't see the back . I have a strange color dime from 2003 close up it looks brown but who knows not I .here's a picture of it .
  5. I have no Idea what I'm doing ,I've recently Gotten interested in silver . I have been saving change for a long time and I've decided to go through it and I've stumbled upon a few collectables we had laying around .While researching I've noticed ,So many people love coins and they have value over just spending it on things you need or want .I found this 1997 penny it jumped out at me due to its color on the front the back looks more dull but the front is very orangey red . I really don't know much about coins but I know this one is different and I've seen a few online now after googling i