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  1. Hey I went through so much bs out there until I landed here please use this resource as there are many smart people and I suggest following the forum and look how many times one or the other of the folks answer the same questions. What is my coin worth? You can read and post or just read for awhile. You will mostly get straight forward answers and once in awhile entertained 🤓
  2. I’ve been wanting to post this 58 because it’s pretty nice
  3. I think this goes to intent. What kind of a collector you are your goals (if any beyond enjoying your collection) It’s bound to make this a complex answer. I’ll say buying and selling is not as important as enjoyment of collecting and sometimes the hunt to me🤓
  4. Bullion examples number one: I bought 100oz.of silver between 2and5 years ago. At $12-$15 an oz. now it’s say $26 what profit beyond the obvious is there when I can’t replace it at$12-$15 So what would I achieve other than maybe $1000 once but nowhere to invest and who knows with silver very roller coaster 🤓. My point is that still at my level I don’t see a business opportunity
  5. I too would like to kinda sit back hunt some rolls and pay the mortgage. Mike said it pretty good. “Ain’t gunna happen.” Just one reason is all the other people who know more than me 🤓. I collect because it makes me happy. Value is something my heirs can figure out
  6. Remember that right now is not the best time to be buying Morgan’s or peace dollars because of higher than usual interest. The 2021 peace and Morgan’s are coming. Good luck and be careful out there.
  7. 🧐thank you for your post. 1900 in ms62$50. Ms63 $60 ms64$70. Approximately. Grading fees and shipping with insurance $40? $50 Just trying to give you an average idea. Soooo cost of coin plus fees? eBay sold prices may help or ngc price guide. The coin looks cleaned or scratched in some way that throws me off but I don’t think that it will grade to high but now the fun begins. Newbie comments only from me but the senior opinions here will be along soon 🤓
  8. Careful not to post a link to any coin your thinking about. Just some good pictures and a price. I’m not saying any of the regulars would snipe your coin but a passing ship might set sail with your coin 😈😁
  9. That’s the designer’s initials. Go to us mint web site on the product list there’s a good explanation. Not a error the obverse is reworked there’s also a blank spot on the edge below the date.
  10. There’s 2early responses polite to the point friendly fair. I believe our op is brand new (think 1st post) and innocent just asking a question. Now to kurts point bingo is there something inciting people or what?
  11. Weight please 26.73 grams 😊Or there abouts. Really it’s the next question in authentication
  12. Specifically nothing. She only asked if it cost money😊