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  1. You bet I am! I've already prepared George, the Nature Man, for your visit. Just say when...
  2. Is he referring to the wing as the fingernail?Are those initials?
  3. But he has yet to make me get out my dictionary, 😉
  4. I have learned a lot from him as well. He is very easy to understand. That may be because he gives a thorough explanation and cuts no corners. I think he'd make an excellent professor. 😁
  5. Please refresh my memory as to with whom I was speaking about  their wanting a Westpoint quarter...

  6. I don't know about the grade, but I do know that the quarter is full on 1963, 😊. The one on tge right is silver and the one in the left is clad. They both still appear to be white, though the right is brighter. Am I doing something wrong?is it supposed to be on a certain surface?
  7. @Conder101 It is a proof, can't tell if it is a silver or clad from images of the front and back. I am sorry. I should've posted a picture of the edge. There is no doubt in mind that it is clad, but apparently the tissue in my neck of the woods is a little different 😂. It is clearly bright white in two and gray in only one. I am attaching three pics and the only difference is the color underneath the coin.
  8. What an interesting notion... I am gonna do that anyway, just because I find that to be quite fascinating. I'd already concluded that it is clad because of the different layering of colors on the edge. I was curious about the weight, though. I intended to find the different weights just to verify, but apparently got distracted and went on to something else.
  9. No doubt! That's what we got muscadines for...
  10. Oh, you'd be surprised at the "berries"... Gooseberries, dingle berries, chokeberries, elderberries, boysenberries, and of course all the different color berries. We do not discriminate. Any type of berry is welcome.
  11. Yes, yes, yes!! I'm your huckleberry... 😉