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  1. Any idea when the new registry format will be coming to the custom sets? I'm working on a couple of customs, and was wondering what the plans were for them.
  2. A whole bunch of fantastic coins from my collection are listed right now on Great Collections. Ending tomorrow! Bid high! Take a look here: Beautiful, toned Wheat Cents Fantastic, Original Bust Halves Interesting and Appealing Ancient and Foreign
  3. Any 21 in PL is worthy of celebration. Congrats!
  4. If there are PCGS coins in a Custom set, particularly a World Coins custom set, are they ignored as they are in the US registry? Or will PCGS coins contribute to a custom set?
  5. A whole bunch of fantastic coins from my collection are listed right now on Great Collections. Take a look here: Beautiful, toned Wheat Cents Fantastic, Original Bust Halves Interesting and Appealing Ancient and Foreign
  6. Nah, no problem at all. I do wish that I had been able to go higher. The problem was, I just did not have the money to go any higher. You cannot put this on a credit card, so you have to have the money available. I had raised $10k, because I honestly thought before the auction that it would go for between $8k-$10k with the juice. So, when the bid went higher than that it wasn't really a matter of not wanting to go higher, it really was not being able to. This is the sort of coin that is so unique, so rare, and so special that you aren't "buried" in it no matter how much you pay. I would have had no intention of ever selling it.
  7. Joining HA is one of the best things you can do as a modern collector. Their auction archives are absolutely unmatched. Anyways, this coin sold for $11.4k - and that is after their bidders premium.
  8. Try this link instead: Seconds. They auction 2 or 3 lots a minute, depending on how much action there is on a lot. Once your lot comes up, you have to a plan already made up in your mind, and you have to react quickly. That whole paragraph about the bidding action took about 20 seconds.
  9. The anticipation before an auction is absolutely killer. I've been watching this coin for a month or two. I've fully researched it. I have Mark Feld's thumbs-up. I have a price in mind. I sent a huge consignment to auction to help pay for this coin. Finally, the day is here. I'm watching the evening, getting a feel for how hot the market is. At the last minute, someone places a strong pre-auction bid for the coin I want. But, they don't know I'm lurking, waiting, watching. They don't know that I am going to win. As the lots tick down, I'm getting a feel for the market. Is it strong? Are prices running high? Is there a lot of action? The time gets close.... we're only a few minutes away from my coin. My adrenaline starts to rise. Jennifer the auctioneer is calling out her lots in that sing-song cadence she has. Minute by minute, lot by lot, we get closer and closer. Lot 19, 36 thousand. Lot 20, 8 thousand. Mine is lot 85. Getting so close. Lot 21, 46 thousand. Are you all done? Final warning, It's last call, and sold. And so it goes. Finally, my lot comes up. It starts at $5500. I have a bid at 6. Someone else really wants this coin. You have been outbid, bid again? Yes. 7 thousand. Back to you? Back and forth it goes. Eight Thousand. Cut bid! Maybe they're done? $8500. I'll bid one more time. And they bid again as well. Damn. That was my limit, and I can't chase it to the moon, as much as I want to. I lost. That really, really sucks.... I was more excited about this coin than I've been in a really long time. To see the coin I lost, take a look here: http://
  10. I don't leave any feedback for anyone. The entire system is useless and broken. The last time I left negative feedback, the seller somehow got it deleted. What's the point of wasting my time?
  11. That is really specific and very obscure. I know of a couple of individual country books, but nothing general like an "Encyclopedia of European Gold."
  12. How does that photo compare to how it looks in hand? I generally find Todd's photos to be a bit on the dark side.
  13. I was recently trawling Ebay, looking for something sweet to buy. I happened upon this coin, and I was very surprised to see it. Prooflike coins from 1964 are quite rare - and this particular seller had 2 of them! I bought one, and finally got to take pictures of it today. This coin is graded NGC 64 PL. It isn't a very high grade coin - but it is the correct grade. There are 4 quarters designated from the Denver mint in 1964 (2 in 64, and one each 65 and 66). I had never actually seen one in person before this one arrived a couple of days ago. In hand, the obverse mirrors are quite strong. The reverse mirrors are weaker, especially in certain areas around the eagle's head and under the wings. However, the obverse practically shines in the dark. This is a fantastic coin, and it joins a host of other prooflike coins. I'd like to compare this coin, however, to my other 1964 - a Kennedy graded 64*. I recently sent the Kennedy in for designation review because I think it is fully PL, but NGC didn't agree. So, I just have a star. Anyways, both of these 1964 coins have mirrors which are quite different from other eras. The mid-20th century prooflike coins are characterised by heavy die polish. These 1964 coins do have some polish evident, but it is much more subtle. The die polish is quite light, comparatively. This gives these coins a much more striking mirror finish - much closer to an actual proof than the S mint coins of the 30's-50's. I hope you enjoy these coins. If you have any prooflikes from the 1960's, go ahead and post them!
  14. Is there any particular reason for this? You are going to have an *exceedingly* difficult time finding a buyer who wants to buy the entire collection all at once. Especially for this type of material. You might find a dealer that will buy the whole thing at once for a strong discount, but he will IMMEDIATELY break it up into ten thousand pieces to sell it. If you were talking about a *truly* WORLD CLASS collection (the kind that people will be reading about a hundred years from now), this sort of thing makes sense. Supremely rich collectors looking to expand the depth or breadth of their collection will buy a collection which can further their goals. These sorts of collections are usually *highly* focused or have *extremely high* quality. For a collection of random circulated world coins like you have, this is extremely unrealistic. Unless there is a Really, REALLY good reason to keep the whole thing together, I HIGHLY suggest you abandon that idea. You just don't seem to have the type of material that makes this a realistic goal. If, however, you really want to just sell the collection all at once, I'd suggest finding a willing dealer in foreign coins. I'm sure some members here can suggest options. Understand, of course, that these dealers will not keep the collection together, they'll sell it piecemeal.
  15. Well, I posted the thread: I really hope it goes well. I have a membership there, but I'm not sure I've ever actually posted a thread there (except in the marketplace). If I get the ban-hammer though, I really haven't lost anything
  16. Can you give us some examples of your nicer pieces? It sounds like you've put a lot of time and effort into cataloging this collection, which is great. But our advice will be very different if you have pieces worth $1 or $250 or $1000. Is the collection focused on a couple of areas? (Colonial coinage of an empire, Indian coinage, etc) Or is it a wide ranging collection? Are there a lot of old pieces (before WWII), or is it stuff they got while in the military, or during travels? There's a big difference between a collection of 19th century silver and circulating coinage from the last 75 years. If you give us some more detail, we can help you better.
  17. I am looking at creating a new custom set this year. As I was reviewing the recent Registry awards, I noticed that there were no custom sets in the "Best Classic," "Best Modern," or "Best Presented" categories. Are custom sets not eligible for these categories, or were just none worthy? As a two-time "Best Presented" award winner, obviously a third time would be my goal Just wondering what the rules are, or if that had been considered.
  18. Is the contest over? Can you tell us what some of the trickier ones were?
  19. Link here, for your convenience: There are some amazing sets honored this year, and I recognize at least a few of the names. Congrats, y'all!
  20. I recently found an *extremely* expensive coin that I *must* have, so I am selling quite a few coins from collecting areas which I am no longer actively pursuing. These coins are from my personal collection, and were chosen primarily for their eye appeal. Please make an offer on anything that interests you. I'd like to get fair money - but I also want to sell these quickly to raise the cash I need. Anything that hasn't sold by Monday will be headed to Great Collections. Thanks! Serrate Denarius, Q. Antonius Balbus. NGC Ch AU*, 5/5, 5/5. Spectacular toning. Ex Zohar. $550 AR Denarius, Caracalla. NGC Ch MS, 5/5, 5/5. Strong strike and semi-prooflike surfaces. Ex Zohar. $750 1668, Austria, 1/2 Thaler. Salzburg. KM-189. NGC EF-45. $350 1958D Franklin. NGC MS-66* FBL. $500 1811/10 Capped Bust Half. O-101, R1. PCGS EF-45 CAC. $1200 (slightly scuffed holder, especially reverse). 1812 Capped Bust Half. O-103, R1. PCGS EF-40. $450 1822 Capped Bust Half. O-111, R2. PCGS EF-40. Very attractive rainbow toning. $400 1831 Capped Bust Half. O-119, R3. PCGS EF-45 in an older holder - undergraded in my opinion. Fantastic rim toning over lustrous surfaces. $400 1833 Capped Bust Half. O-113, R2. NGC EF-45. Beautiful grey surfaces with stunning old color, especially reverse. $350 1835 Capped Bust Half. O-106, R1. NGC AU-53. Absolutely incredibly color - if you've ever searched for attractive 1835 halves, you will know that these are quite hard to find. $500
  21. I crossed a PCGS coin into the forbidden NGC plastic. This is tantamount to heresy of the highest order.
  22. Some of you have seen this coin before. Some of you may have seen this coin in person, when I bought it at the 2016 FUN show. I arrived at the show Friday morning, and I went straight to Rick Snow's table. I had recently purchased my PL Flying Eagle cent, and I wanted to confirm the variety with him (and make sure it wasn't a proof). He was helpful, told me it was definitely not a proof, and complimented my coin. We got to talking, and I told him about the type set I was building (a prooflike Type Set). Well, he showed me this coin. It was gorgeous. Rick had given it his "Eagle Eye" seal of approval, and told me that this coin came from Q D Bower's personal collection. I knew instantly that I wanted it. But I hesitated. It was in PCGS plastic, which meant that it did not have a PL designation. Rick was understanding - my entire collection is in NGC plastic, and I play on the NGC Registry. It was also a very large amount of money. If I bought that coin, I'd be done not only for that show but for the next couple of months. Well, I brought a friend over to look at the coin, and he laid one simple piece of advice on me that I've never forgotten: "If you don't buy that coin, will you regret it?"I've realized over the years that there have been a couple of coins that "got away," and I always regretted not buying them. Not taking the chance, not putting it all on the line. I actually went, got a hot dog, and thought about his advice while I ate the hot dog. I pondered the coin, the price, the opportunity, the coin, how beautiful the coin was, the price.... I went back and forth. But then I realized... If I didn't buy it, this is a coin that I would think about for years and wish that I had. So I bought it. The rest of the show was spent pleasantly wandering the aisles, just looking, listening, talking, and chatting. It was one of the best shows I ever went to, and I had spent my entire budget in the first hour of a 3 day trip. Anyways, I get the coin home and I knew that I had to cross it to NGC for the PL designation. It was graded by PCGS as 65 RD, and I knew the grade was solid. Turns out, NGC agreed - they actually thought it was premium, and graded it 65+ RD. But no PL? What? There must be some mistake. I sat on the coin, and waited to resubmit. I recently sent it in for designation review, and finally got the grade back today: MS-65+ RD PL. The highest graded Indian Prooflike in the series! This makes the 5th graded PL known in the Indian cent series. There was absolutely no question in my mind when I bought this coin that it was everything I thought it was, but it is still nice to have the TPG agree. Man, I'm so excited right now!
  23. The "Instant Coin Collection" wasn't getting a whole lot of action here. So now its on Ebay. For a ridiculously low price. Bid early, bid high, bid often. At this point, I just want it to go to a good home - but there are 8 ounces of silver in there. Here it is:
  24. Good luck and for your sake I hope you get it. I'll be honest though, I really don't see it on the reverse. It has to be all-the-way there, and they've been stricter on PL's lately. You'll more likely to get a Star.
  25. This is a subject that comes up every so often. There were a couple of fun quotes in this one that I really liked: "the easiest way to build a great collection: buy someone else’s great collection." "Anyone can build a great collection, though it is admittedly easier to do when wealthy."