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  1. That coin appears to have been heavily polished, and probably will not receive a straight grade.
  2. Sorry, this is just another counterfeit from a well known counterfeiter. Avoid anything he produces.
  3. You might laugh, but it is actually a well written and very informative book. I received a copy of the first edition when I was ten, and it was literally the first coin book I ever read (I got this and the 1996 Red Book at the same time). I still have my well-used copy on my shelf.
  4. While I like the idea (and have long advocated for it), what's the difference between the NGC and ANA registries? It seems like NGC is footing the bill, and the entire NGC registry is just going to be ported to the ANA registry. Is there going to be anything that sets this new ANA registry apart? Will this new ANA registry mean that the NGC registry will be changing? (perhaps going back again to NGC only?) Will the new registry accept coins besides PCGS and NGC? I think including ANACS and ICG would be high on many collectors lists. And, perhaps most significantly given NGC's recent underwhelming trend: will this new Registry be introduced fully-featured, with working technology, or will it be some half-baked new gizmo that limps alongside the old thing? I like the announcement, but I'm skeptical.
  5. Ah, good old Appalachia. That brings up some unpleasant memories. I wouldn't call this hoard "numismatic history" so much as "notorious scam."
  6. Wow, a 68? With the weak strike and the gash on his head, I'd more accurately put that one at 65. They probably originally bumped it to 66 for the eye appeal (which is another practice I'm not a huge fan of, although it happens all the time). Based on what I see in those pictures, I strongly disagree with a 68. However, as we know, pictures don't always tell the whole story. I'm guessing the luster on that coin is superb, which often isn't the case for clad quarters.
  7. Honestly, the easiest place to start is looking in Krause. At the end of each country's listing, there are pattern and essai pieces listed. Each country's entry also generally lists the specialist references for that country - if you want more detail, consult a copy of that country or region's specialist reference. Or, once you know the Krause number, you can generally tailor a google search for that particular coin.
  8. It is almost impossible to grade from those images. They are low quality and blurry (which is probably intentional). I'm guessing they are almost certainly UNC, but in hand I might grade it 63. The pictures just aren't good enough to tell. ICG is a decent company, and you can find some good material in their holders. However, most of the accurately graded coins they put out get cracked and crossed - you're left with a very biased selection of lower end material. The same is true with ANACS. I'd be cautious with that seller, however.
  9. I too love the history and art of many of the patterns. I too cannot afford to play in this playground. Some of them aren't too expensive, but many of them are. I have begun to branch out into some patterns of my Moroccan coinage.
  10. The Treasury was always concerned about gold flowing out of the country. Gold leaving the country tended to have a deflationary effect, and made commerce more difficult due to a lack of money supply (one of the trickier aspects of having a hard money currency - and a fact that modern gold bugs conveniently overlook). I suspect this was just one of many avenues they were trying to research.
  11. Ugh, the typos in this letter make me cringe. And why are the first paragraphs double-spaced, but the last paragraph is single spaced? Seriously, did these folks not have an administrative assistant to make sure their letters didn't look like ?
  12. I suspect I know which one you're talking about, but why not just come out and say it? And if its the one I'm thinking of, does the fact that you were banned from it have any bearing on your opinion?