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  1. 2017 Congratulations Set - Who's In?

    It's all marketing. Throw a hook out, and you never know when you'll catch an unsuspecting fish.
  2. I don't know about everyone else, but the boards are back to moving dreadfully slow again - like they were when you first converted. They were running smoothly for a while, but it is back to being almost unusable for me in Chrome.
  3. Why did a new sub-forum appear? This seems extraneous and pointless. The boards already feel dead without creating more subdivisions. Can we get rid of this and roll it into the US coins forum (the only place that has any activity?)
  4. Those look like attractive coins, and I wish you success - but this belongs in the marketplace forum, not here. Hopefully one of the mods will move it.
  5. Coins selling at Great Collections.

    Dang, that is a nice group of coins. Good luck!
  6. Smithsonian Collection visit

    Wasn't there a fundraising effort a few years ago to move the NNC out of the American History museum into its own dedicated museum? I would love to see that happen - at which point, sufficient expert staff would need to be hired.
  7. How do i sell my east African coins???

    As Conder101 mentioned in your other thread, if you want to try to sell these coins, you need to put a listing in the marketplace forum: I don't know what type of price you are looking for, but you could also try to sell them on Ebay. A lot more people will see them on Ebay.
  8. Any Chance The Langboard's will win their in case?

    Since we've gotten a little sidetracked anyways, did any of you guys see Roger's recent article in The Numismatist about the gold seized during this time? Some of the banks went through and were picking out the better dates to save from the melting pot. I thought it was a very interesting article, and you should check it out.
  9. Cleaned or not Cleaned that is the question.

    I think everyone has pretty well analyzed this coin. Just wanted to say that I like that you took this lesson with a positive attitude, Robert, and don't let these sorts of mistakes discourage you!
  10. Curious Acquisition: 1943-S PL Washington Quarter

    I'm jealous!
  11. I like it. The pictures are big enough to instantly tell if I want to take a closer look or not. I like seeing both sides, because sometimes the obverse is gorgeous and then I waste my time diving further only to find a hideous reverse. Now I don't have to go any further than the search results page.

    Yes, the coin could be sent back in for a review. If you call their customer service, they can help you with that. There seems to be more now just because they've graded more coins. The type of slab that your coin is in would have been labelled DPL if it met the criteria when it was graded. Did it earn the PL designation? Toning on prooflike or deep-mirrored prooflike coins is considered a plus, however sometimes the toning can hide the mirrors. Finally, to address your coin - I'm guessing that your coin has prooflike tendencies, but probably doesn't meet the criteria for DPL. Those pictures are highly edited to increase the contrast and saturation. By digitally manipulating photos, it can make a coin appear to be PL or DPL when it really isn't. In hand, I'm guessing that your coin does not have nearly as much contrast. That reverse picture appears to be DPL - but only because the picture has been edited.
  13. Smithsonian Collection visit

    I can only imagine what sort of treasures are buried in the Smithsonian that researchers have yet to fully appreciate!
  14. Ebay Bucks

    I've seen up to 10% for buyers. I've not seen nearly as much for sellers.
  15. Request a new NGC Registry Set here! - Updated 10/19/2017

    I would *really* like a Morrocan set with all types minted under the French protectorate. I know that you've done a limited denomination set (at my request), and a 25 centimes set that is basically pointless, but a set of coinage from Morocco from Krause Y#34 - Y#54 would be awesome. I would really like a complete set, but even a type set that included all these items would be ok (since most of these were one year types). It would, of course, be even better if this set accepted pieforts and essais.