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  1. I got Roger's new book. I'm about halfway through it, and so far the story has been good. In typical Burdette fashion, it is meticulously researched and documented. I'll have a full review on the content when I finish. However, the thing that sticks out to me are the Typos. Now, Roger's books often have more than their fair share of typos, but this book is just laden with them. Nearly every page has at least one typo, and I counted 5 on a single page. I can overlook a few here and there, but this time they are pervasive to the point of being distracting. Roger, if you need someone to proofread your text before you publish, I'm sure there are numerous people willing to do it for free. Please, have someone proofread your next books!
  2. I was trying to explain to my friends the concept of the Registry and the awards each year. I finally explained to them that these were the Coin Oscars. They liked that.
  3. Did you talk to NGC about the shells before you sent them in? They might be able to accomodate you, but the multiholder which would best serve your needs has been discontinued for a long time. I really hope they're able to help you.
  4. Every time I click on a thread, it takes about 20 seconds to load. I've talked to NGC and their "technical support" and it is just awful. The site is literally so awful that I click a link, go to another tab and read a thread on another website, and then come back and hope it's loaded. I keep complaining about the awfulness of this software, but nothing changes. Have you tried uploading pictures? Did you know that you're limited to 4 MB per post? I can't even load a single picture, because modern pictures are usually much larger than that. If you've never tried another forum, I can see how this one might seem ok. But if you go to literally any other site, you'll find active participation, useful software, experienced posters, and decent moderators. Many ex-NGC posters appear on other sites. Every single criteria I can think of to compare coin forums... NGC ranks dead last. The saddest part is... if NGC actually valued this forum, it wouldn't take a whole lot of effort to fix it.
  5. Every serious collector needs to read everything in this list:
  6. Hey, check out CoinTalk. I'm not sure if you are a member there, but it is a whole lot more active than this desert. And we'd love to have someone with your history and experience over there. I'm pretty sure you'd recognize quite a few personalities there.
  7. This place was known as Sleepy Hollow even before you joined. Over the past several years, NGC has alienated some of their fan base through a series of bad business decisions coupled with monumentally bad technology choices. The forum software is downright awful, and nearly unusable. Many of us who were loyal NGC fans have jumped ship and gone to other places.
  8. If you have to single a solitary best of the 20th, I don't think you'll find many people who wouldn't say Eliasberg.
  9. I disagree. A hole filler is a coin that you buy with the intention of replacing it. I have upgraded plenty of coins, but when I bought the original coin it was intended to be a part of my set. It was not just some temporary thing until something better comes along.
  10. When I edit my custom set, it lets me add a raw coin. I am able to put the coin in the set in the slot I want it while editing the set. But, when I go to the set listing, the coin does not appear. Is it possible to display raw coins in a custom set? If not, why did it let me add it while editing the set?
  11. No, that is not how it works on the coin side. I *really* wish it would. On the coin side, if you put a new number (like 35) in for the slot number, now you will have two slots labelled 35 and you can't predict which comes first. You have to manually update all subsequent numbers.
  12. You got some good ones, and you wasted your money on some. If you have the Mega Red, there is absolutely no reason to buy the regular Redbook. Mega Red has everything and far, far more. At $10, that was totally worth it. The individual red books are good to get if you are interested in those series. If so, great buys - if not, you'll probably never use them. Numismatic Art in America is a really interesting read. I highly enjoyed the ideas in there - he basically analyzes the artistic qualities of US coins. It's a bit of a different perspective on some of your favorite designs. I read it once, and now it just collects dust. It's not something that you'll reference repeatedly unless you are writing an article and are looking for a good quote. The bottom two are pretty much a waste of money. Put them on your coffee table to start a conversation with guests, I suppose, but there isn't really much good that I can say about them.
  13. A whole filler is a waste of money that you'll regret. It's something you buy because you're obsessive and have to have the whole filled, rather than having the patience to wait and buy what you really want. I don't buy whole fillers.
  14. When I'm adding a coin to a custom set, sometimes I need to add it into the middle of the set. Is there any way to quickly and conveniently just insert it into the middle of the set and push everything else down? To illustrate: I need to put the coin at slot 35. If I do that, now I have 2 35's, and they aren't necessarily in the order I want. I could update the number of every single coin after that in my set.... but when that's 40 coins or 60 coins, I really don't want to do that every time. Is there an easy way to do this that I'm just missing? Will this be a feature in the new custom sets? Are the new custom sets ever going to appear?