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  1. Here's a linky-text to make it easier: Fads Fakes and Foibles
  2. Well, we already call small-time dealers "vest-pocket" dealers. If you come up with a new name, you have to decide who qualifies. And then there's hurt feelings of people who think they should be top dogs, but who aren't. Honestly, what I would really like to see would be some sort of professional qualification. Kind of like Wine has the "Masters of Wine" program, to both educate and certify that these individuals are top of the game.
  3. I highly recommend you look at obsolete bank notes, they are always a very interesting source of material for local collections such as you describe. I also would recommend looking into merchant tokens and store cards. Here is one I found in an estate sale that I am prepping for sale.
  4. Changing direction somewhat - one thing that really bothers me is when sellers (and especially large auction houses) repeat often-told legends about coins because they make a good story. When new research comes out that clarifies the story about a coin, an auction house has a responsibility to tell the true story of the coin instead of the fairy tale. In the modern age, there is a lot of back-to-the-source research that is being done which completely refutes the Legends of Breen, but people still repeat the stories.
  5. They are selling these for $85 each. You can get a really nice Morgan or Peace for that, and even one with some attractive toning if you like.
  6. Nope, I think the program is dumb. If you want a Morgan or Peace, why not just buy a real one?
  7. That's not a coin. At best, we'd consider it a fantasy piece. However, since the US Mint will be issuing 2021 dated Peace dollars, we should probably consider more negative terms for this. Some might congratulate you for this piece... I have extremely few nice things to say about problematic and legally questionable items like this from an individual who's fostered countless controversies.
  8. EF details, heavily polished, questionable color. Bodybag. Yuck.
  9. The title of your thread is wrong... it says CAC coins will *not* be awarded bonus points. I think you meant they will *now* be awarded bonus points. Huge difference.
  10. Morocco, Benduqi, AH 1277. 5 known examples (original mintage unknown)
  11. I hope for your sake that it is genuine... but I have strong doubts. That looks fake.