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  1. Alright, today I am going to offer an entire beginner's coin collection. One lot takes it all. This would make an *amazing* gift for a beginner, a young numismatist, a grandchild. There is a wide range of stuff here - Flying Eagles, Indians, Wheaties, Liberty nickels, Buffalo nickels, Mercury, Walker, Standing Liberty quarters, some foreign stuff, some modern stuff, some low grade stuff, some high grade stuff! There are some errors and varieties... like I said, a little bit of everything. There is a total of 8.3 ounces of silver in this lot. There are 100 coins cataloged, plus a giant pile of wheat cents in addition. Please make an offer on this! I have included the full catalog of what is included below. Based on my grade estimates, I think the price-guide value is around $780. I think a more realistic value is probably $500.... So I will offer this lot at $350. Make me an offer. If there is anything you would like to see closer pictures of, please let me know. As an added bonus, I will include a signed copy of my book, "The Art and Science of Grading Coins." Shipping will be $10, as this is a huge and heavy collection. Total Coins Date Coins in Lot Grade1 1857 flying eagle cent F-121 1859 indian cent ag-3, cleaned1 1859 indian cent VF-201 1863 indian cent EF details, cleaned1 1865 indian cent G-4 details11 various indian cent low grade or damaged1 1909 Wheat cent, VDB F-121 1909 Wheat cent G-4all decades Massive pile of wheat cents various5 1959D Lincoln Cent UNC1 1962 Lincoln Cent UNC1 1963D Lincoln Cent UNC1 1864 2 cent, large motto VF-201 1869 nickel 3 cent VG-82 smooth shield nickels FR-22 1891 liberty nickel VG-81 1900 liberty nickel VF-201 1888 liberty nickel AG-31 1906 liberty nickel VF-201 1900 liberty nickel F-127 various liberty nickel low grade1 1902 liberty nickel F-122 1905 liberty nickel VG-81 1893 liberty nickel AG-31 1907 liberty nickel VG-81 1913 buffalo nickel, Type I AU-551 1913D buffalo nickel, Type I AG-31 1937 buffalo nickel F-121 1919 buffalo nickel G-45 2016D Roosevelt Dime Gem1 1979P Susan B Anthony, Wide Rim AU-551 1942S Jefferson War Nickel MS-641 1858 liberty seated dime G-41 1872 liberty seated dime AG-031 1919 Canadian dime F1 1941S Mercury Dime average circulated1 1943 Mercury Dime average circulated1 1944 Mercury Dime average circulated1 1953D Roosevelt Dime average circulated2 1963D Roosevelt Dime average circulated1 1904 barber quarter G-41 1915 barber quarter VG-82 dateless standing liberty quarter1 1925 standing liberty quarter VG-81 1944 Canadian quarter VG1 1936D Washington Quarter AG-031 1943S Washington Quarter AG-031 1954 Washington Quarter average circulated1 1957D Washington Quarter average circulated1 1962 Washington Quarter MS-642 1893 Columbian half VG-F2 1940 Walking liberty half VF-EF1 1939 Walking liberty half AU-501 1957 Franklin Half average circulated1 1959 Franklin Half MS-641 1922 Peace Dollar MS-631 1922D Peace Dollar VF-201 1967 Canada dollar AU-501 1986 Statue of Liberty commem dollar in OGP Proof1 1940 Wheat cent, extensive laminations1 1950S Wheat Cent, small lamination1 1957D Wheat Cent, DDO WDDO-0021 1973 Lincoln Cent, misaligned die1 1999P Jefferson nickel, die deterioration doubling1 1993P Roosevelt Dime, clashing on reverse1 1977D Washington quarter, cud on obverse1 1981P Washington quarter, misaligned die1 1989P Washington quarter, misaligned die1 2003P Alabama State Quarter, Cud on reverse1 2007P John Adams dollar, extra letter on edge
  2. Today, I have a really good mix of coins for you. Take a look below, and please feel free to make an offer on anything that interests you! Paypal is preferred, and free shipping on any order over $50. 1824/1 Capped Bust Half dollar. O-101, R2. Pleasing, natural toning. $1751913 Buffalo nickel, Type 1. $251857 Flying Eagle Cent. $35Pictures available on request for the following items: 1986 Statue of Liberty Commem Proof Dollar, in OGP. $12Mixed lot of silver coins: 1858 liberty seated dime, 1872 liberty seated dime, 1904 Barber quarter, 1925 Standing liberty quarter, 2 dateless Standing liberty quarters, 2 1893 Columbian halves, 1939 Walking Liberty half, 1940 Walking Liberty half. $55Mixed lot of collector coins: Indian cents, 2 cent, 3 cent, shield nickels, Liberty nickels, buffalo nickels. Detailed list available on request. Total, 43 coins. $125
  3. physics-fan3.14

    Just Bought an Estate Full of Collector Coins

    Mercury dimes and SLQ are now sold, but there is still a ton of good stuff left. Make me an offer!
  4. physics-fan3.14

    Just Bought an Estate Full of Collector Coins

    Updated for items sold. Please make an offer on anything that you might be interested in!
  5. Tons of coins! Please take a look. Make on offer on anything that interests you, and I can send you pictures of anything you may want to see.Paypal is preferred, free shipping on orders over $50.1857 Flying Eagle cent, two small laminations in obverse field. $40 2 1859 Indian cents. One very low grade and corroded, one VF details with environmental effects. $201863 Indian cent. EF details, polished. $2012 mixed date indian cents (1865-1900s). Low grade, some bent, holed, corroded. $61909 Lincoln cent, with VDB. Fine. $61864 2 cent, large motto. Weak strike, but F-VF overall. $20 1869 nickel 3 cent. VG. $15 1913 Buffalo nickel, Type 1. AU. very attractive. $25 1913D Buffalo nickel, Type 1. Date worn off, but clearly type one (only made in 1913). $5Mixed lot of 20 low grade nickels - 2 shield (dateless), 16 Liberty, 2 Buffalo. $201858 Liberty seated dime. G. $7 1913 Barber dime. AU. Very attractive dark toning hides much of the luster, but this coin is quite attractive. $50 Mixed lot of 22 Mercury dimes. Wide range of grades and dates, including all decades. SOLD1930 Standing Liberty Quarter. VF. Very attractive dark toning with blue highlights. SOLD 1824/1 Capped Bust Half. O-101, R2. Popular overdate with attractive toning. VF-30. $200 2 1893 Columbian halves. Circulated. $15 1917 Walking Liberty Half. Reverse very attractively toned. SOLDMixed lot of 10 circulated Morgan and Peace dollars. Wide range of dates, although no key dates. SOLD1986 Statue of Liberty Proof silver dollar, in original packaging. $151926 Sesquicentennial $2.50. UNC, incredibly lustrous and very attractive. SOLD!Please make an offer on anything that interests you! Thanks for looking!
  6. physics-fan3.14

    How Would You Grade This Ancient Coin

    NGC Does not use numbers for grading ancient coins. The levels are "MS", "Choice MS", and "Gem MS" Yours would probably make Choice MS.
  7. physics-fan3.14

    Learn how to Grade Coins!

    Strike. Luster. Wear. Eye Appeal. Surface Preservation. If you understand these 5 basic building blocks, you will be able to grade any coin. In this book, I will teach you not only how to judge these pieces, but why a coin looks the way it does. I'll point out common problems with coins, and how it affects the grade. And finally, I'll pull everything together and show you how to grade the coin. Soon, you'll be grading coins like the pros! I hope you enjoy this book, and I hope that you are able to learn something from it. It is available on Amazon, so please take a look: The Art and Science of Grading CoinsThanks, Jason Poe
  8. physics-fan3.14

    Check out my new $.

    That is a fantastic coin!
  9. physics-fan3.14

    Thoughts on this 1889 Morgan

    I don't think it is natural terminal toning. It appears to me either like fire damage, or AT that has turned. If you have some acetone, give it a soak - if you have some dip, give it a bath. You can't really hurt that coin any more, but you may be able to improve it.
  10. I agree with the majority: while it has AU details, that spot removal in front of her nose would probably disqualify a straight grade.
  11. physics-fan3.14

    New York World show in January

    I keep thinking about going to this show. On the one hand, I would have access to world dealers and possibly find coins to add to my collection that I wouldn't normally otherwise. On the other hand - FUN is usually the same week, or the week before, and it is a bigger show - FUN is in Orlando, which is vastly cheaper to attend - NYINC is in New York City - probably the most disgusting, foul, smelly, and awful city I've ever been too. I've vowed to never return to this cesspool unless there was a compelling reason. This coin show is not reason enough. Oh, I guess that's enough reasons not to go.
  12. physics-fan3.14


    At least 3 out of 4 of these are fakes....
  13. physics-fan3.14

    Prooflike (PL) Buffalo Nickel

    I have no idea how reflective it is in hand, but this is the link:
  14. physics-fan3.14

    Prooflike (PL) Buffalo Nickel

    Well, they have a Peace Dollar in 65PL listed for $75,000..... which is also equally insane.
  15. Yes, I remember well my purchase from the famous 41D roll!