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  1. physics-fan3.14


    At least 3 out of 4 of these are fakes....
  2. physics-fan3.14

    Prooflike (PL) Buffalo Nickel

    I have no idea how reflective it is in hand, but this is the link:
  3. physics-fan3.14

    Prooflike (PL) Buffalo Nickel

    Well, they have a Peace Dollar in 65PL listed for $75,000..... which is also equally insane.
  4. Yes, I remember well my purchase from the famous 41D roll!
  5. physics-fan3.14

    Prooflike (PL) Buffalo Nickel

    There's an AU-58 PL on Ebay right now for $7800!!!!!!! That's ridiculous.
  6. physics-fan3.14

    US and World submission question

    I was looking at the services and fees, because it has been a while since I've submitted. There used to be separate tiers for world and US standard, but they are now listed together. Can I submit US and world on the same form even though they are a different price per coin, or do I have to use separate submissions? How about for economy, which are the same price? I'm pretty sure that crossover still has to be on a separate form, correct?
  7. Sometimes the stars align, and the pictures are easy to take. That usually isn't the case, but this morning the camera, the lights, the coins... they just made things easy. Of course, a cup of my favorite tea probably helped as well, haha! Anyways, for your viewing pleasure, here are my newest Moroccan purchases. They all arrived this week.The first coin is a 1/2 Dirham from AH1317 (which is 1899 AD, for the Western audience). This tiny little coin only weighs 1.45 g, and is considerably smaller even than a US dime. It was minted in Paris, which you can tell by the position of the arrowheads - on the Paris minted coins, the arrowheads point inwards. On the coins minted in Berlin, they point outwards. PCGS graded this coin MS-65, but I think 64 is more appropriate. The second coin is a 1 Dirham from AH1316 (which is 1898 AD). This coin weighs about 2.9 g, and is roughly the same size as a US dime, but a bit thinner. This one was also minted in Paris. PCGS gave it a 65, and I agree. I love the Moroccan coins because of their geometric designs. The arrows and stars are just cool. The third coin takes that to a whole new level - there isn't much here besides intricate geometric designs. This coin is in an unusual Russian slab, which they graded MS-63 (and I agree with their grade). There is some lovely toning on the obverse, and plenty of luster under the toning. There is quite a bit of die polish on the obverse. So, I hope you like my new coins!
  8. No, because they don't exist. The one posted here is about as close as I've ever seen.
  9. I see lots of polishing, but I'm not seeing much reflectivity in your pictures. Is it possible to take some pics to highlight the reflectiveness of this coin? I keep looking for a fully PL Wheat cent, but I've yet to see one.
  10. physics-fan3.14

    Prooflike (PL) Buffalo Nickel

  11. physics-fan3.14

    Signed copies of my Book: The Art and Science of Grading Coins

    Still plenty left if you want to order one! Or, you could go to the Amazon webpage and buy one there as well: The Art and Science of Grading Coins
  12. physics-fan3.14

    Should this one have been designated "CAMEO"?

    Those photos make it look like it should be CAM, but there are many ways to make a photo look better than the coin really does. Wait till you get it in hand, and then you can evaluate it better.
  13. physics-fan3.14

    Share Your Research

    I'd love to see that much info.... but I'd rather that be in 3 volumes for practical purposes!
  14. You aren't going to get much response here. You need to post this in a forum that isn't dead, like the CoinTalk Ancients here:
  15. My newest prooflike coin is also now my oldest! I am pleased to show this gorgeous piece of copper to you all. This is a 1770 Halfpence from Great Britain, minted under the rule of King George III. The American collectors among us may remember him because we whooped his butt twice, in 2 different wars. He also suffered from a variety of mental and physical ailments. You can watch a very entertaining and well made movie, called "The Madness of King George" to see more: present coin is a halfpenny, and it is quite large. It is slightly smaller than a US half dollar. It features the king on the obverse, and Britannia seated on the reverse. There are only 4 halfpennies graded PL for all of George III, 3 of them 1770, and one 1771. It appears that the dies were rusted, and then polished to remove the rust. You can see rust pitting in numerous places around the coin. It's also interesting to see just how much polishing was done in various places - Britannia seems to meld into the fields in a few places. The surfaces of this coin are incredibly hard to portray in a photograph, but they are distinctly reflective. My obverse shot shows this a bit better, but the reverse is equally reflective. The brown copper eats light, but it is an attractively patinated, completely original coin. NGC graded it MS-64 BN PL. I'm pleased to add this gorgeous coin to my collection!