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  1. Its lighter on the outside edges and a curved track...its definitely a conversation piece.
  2. I'm thinking mechanical like a finished coin fell and then the next coin fell but stood up and was forced against the previous one...it looks like it was done during production as no grubbyness was forced into misshapen in the grooves...it would be nice to get graded but its not an error but likely production damage, still cute to have.
  3. Looks like she's wearing a 70s sweat band...lol...must have taken some pressure to leave that kind of impression...my lcs got a sealed tube of gold maples in from 2005 and inside were two maples sealed together, a double planchet with the obverse and reverse but stuck fast, not glued up the definition of two and exact double weight but joined...in proof like condition.
  4. Well i didn't expect this...looks like the Germans got the last laugh on a nice mercury dime in 1945..lol.
  5. Nice for my ms65 peace set to have a modern none junk producer peace dollar.
  6. Then mine arrived the first week in march...and its still there.
  7. I'm waiting for response too, according to their timeliness they should have been done with my coin at 32 days combined, its been almost two months now, I've emailed, messaged and asked in several posts but nothing.
  8. There are some collectors love grubbies as I call them, perhaps one reason for antiquing coins now, it defines the coin so much more then a high polished type surface, some even get one antiqued for every untouched as a collection.
  9. I have an aluminum box with handle and foam slots, fit both ngc and pcgs slabs, 50 in all, good for cheaper coins...best storage for high value found individual baggies and sdb.
  10. A 4% hit plus cost can make a sub $300 coin a decision play...definatly asking a dealer if they'd send it in is better, odds are youd be using a dealer to send it through for speedier treatment and no membership costs...the 28 is a nice find.
  11. Maybe its your once every twenty year coin...lol.
  12. Was this a high relief 22? I know so many people think they have one but you can youtube videos of the differences between them...the grader should spot it if they're worth their salt...did you specify on the submission?