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  1. Yes the one I have is more detailed and well struck than the ones I seen on ebay. And mine is encapsulated with seal
  2. I acquired this a while ago any suggestions on what it worth? Will NGC grade this?
  3. Found this rare coin yesterday in change. Is it the one?
  4. what is replating? and does it affect the value if i try to get this coin graded
  5. seeing extra raised lines under 1 and 9 in date/ they are not scratches its raised metal on the surface. Also is this a D.D.o?
  6. you can tell the difference because the Number 2 in the date is not shaped like a ?mark your 2 is more shaped like a hook
  7. sorry nothat the( large date 1982 d 1 cent) that you have, the (small date 1982 d 1 cent) is the
  8. found this 1941 p 1 cent/2.6 grams penny any suggestions