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  1. Hey Lisa you never answered mi question as far as my WK package
  2. Yes I definitely did in big letters like 2 times on each side and it's double packaged a bubbled envelope inside a express priority envelope with wk on each side twice
  3. Hey mi name is Lamar jones and I'm wondering how long it's going to take for my coin to get submitted and graded and sent back because I paid a 150$ for a reason .that reason being a walkthrough tier and it being back in 48 hrs I also sent it priority express which is the quickest way of mail transport. I received a email at 1:03pm today saying that my package came and was signed by a S BRAMBACH. So I was hoping I could count on it being back to me by client num is:CS168557 and my invoice num is:5928163..this is highly important and I would appreciate it if this matter is given i