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  1. Yes I see the other was logged today, thank you for your assistance.
  2. 1 of my 2 packages is now showing received
  3. Yes I refresh that every few hours. submissions over the past few months are there but not my most recent.
  4. Last week I sent 2 packages for express grading and express is printed in several locations on the outside of the package but they still don't show received. Any word on when they may be logged?
  5. In addition I made another 2 submissions last week with express printed on the outside of the package in several places and don't show them received yet. Thanks again!
  6. Does this look like a copper penny with damage or a steel penny with damage lol?
  7. Lisa could you let me know when you get a chance?
  8. I recently made a submission for express and individual returns as completed. It has been in grading/quality control since last Wednesday and 2 of 5 coins were selected for conservation on Thursday which was accepted. Are the other coins going to be completed and returned that were not selected for conservation or am I going to have wait for the conservation coins to come back and all completed together? Thanks!