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  1. My new 1857-O Seated Dime. Got this for a steal. Also my first Proof Morgan.
  2. Thank you for the info and the time to take a look! This forum has already really helped me in better evaluating coins and getting an appreciation for all the aspects in it.
  3. Picked up this 1853-P Arrows Seated Liberty Dime. Any guesses on grade?
  4. I believe it is a JR-7. I will be sending it in if not more than to give it some extra protection. I am pretty new to collecting and appreciate everyone's help.
  5. Dang typos. Thank you. Would you be worried about the scratches on the right side of the obverse?
  6. I am a very new collector but it certainly interests me.
  7. Hi guys. I was wondering if you would consider grading this coin. Either way very happy with it.