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  1. Thanks NGC, I had the same question and sent communication to customer service about it. Now that I know that it takes a while longer, I feel better, especially knowing I received my coins just fine.
  2. I don’t believe that is a die crack. Thiss lines are caused by mechanical coin rollers when they crimp the end of the roll. Likely not Mint damage but PmD. on the other hand the irregularity of the line and the raised nature of it does seem to be a crack fill. I would have looked at closely by a numismatist.
  3. Is this a common problem for the BI-centennial quarters. This is the second one I have seen.
  4. Thanks guys! Turns out they are dups anyway. Anyone want them? Better order up a a 712! A 712? Yes a 712 directive. A nuclear strike on the entire town. !
  5. Just got a new old 1944 D Jefferson. Appears very nice and the steps are all the way across but appears that someone left a couple of sticks on the steps. Most Likely PMD.
  6. Got a few OLD crusty pennies today. But having difficulty making out the dates. Can You guys lend a hand? Not very nice coins. 19X8 and 19X9
  7. It is a nice coin, but common, sometimes replated. I bought three, p,s, and d graded for less than it would have cost to get one graded. You can purchase an ms66 version for $35. this is one of mine in a less than ms66 grade. Plus an eBay ad.
  8. Sorry the OP should have included a picture of the obverse of the 46 then. my bad.
  9. Funny that you would mention that. I got two rolls of white pressure wrapped quarters today. SURPRISE! 80 Eighty 2021 Tuskeegee Airmen ATB Quarters. They are already on EBAY for $16 for each 40 plus SH.That's where the picture came from. I'll try the bank again soon. I did that last week and found several silver quarters.
  10. Sir, According to my Aging eyes, and the miracle of computer zoom, it sure looks like a 1946 D coin to me and hence NOT an error which is a good thing for you!.
  11. I have Just complete the Washington State Quarters BU P,D , The National Park Quarters , BU, and just 14 left in the Washington Category. It will be great to have completed these sets.
  12. Been working diligently on trying to improve my photos. I have a Nikon D5600 12MP camera and was frustrated that I couldn't get good photos. What are your opinions? Thanks In Advance.
  13. That is termed a “clipped planchette” I found one recently as well both in a penny and nickel.
  14. IMHO, it looks to me like it could score that. Here is an example of an MS63 valued at $650, so IMO,it would be worth it to grade. Good luck.
  15. Check the weight and diameter first. Thus is usual of a tell. Then post some good clear pictures of some of them for everyone to see. You’ll get a quick opinion