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  1. Thanks. I was suspecting MD - and based on the link, its a "textbook" example. Bummer, but all part of the fun.
  2. To help expedite, I have decided to pay for the coin in real money (that's right... REAL money)!
  3. I am a new collector, and have been at this for a year in April. Given that I have done all of my collecting in a COVID lockdown, I enjoy looking at the registries to compare coins and develop my eye to the extent that a photograph will allow. I am particularly looking to develop my eye in coppers, as there can be a wide variance in color within an associated color grade (RD, RB, BN). However, I have noticed that many of the registries in Half Cents are devoid of pictures - even the top sets. So.. I would like to make an ask to the Copper Registry Collectors (Half Cents & Large C
  4. I agree with the others that finding this coin is not going to equate to independent wealth. However, these errors are extremely fun finds. I put this coin in the same bucket as the Delaware "Spitting Horse", Wisconsin "Extra Leaf", and Homestead "Snowy Roof/Leaky Bucket". Not super valuable - but SUPER fun to find. Congrats Sharann on finding one!
  5. I found one recently that was "In God We _Rust" on the obverse and a "Spitting Bison" on the reverse. I have found a few "...Rust" Kansas quarters in CRH.
  6. Question to the more seasoned grader folks in the room. Any chance this would grade a P01, or would it come back "details"? If it would grade, a collector would pay a premium for a "Low Ball" Set. I am not creating one, but I know some who are.
  7. Woods: "Clink, Clink, Clink, Clink, Clink..." The Workgroup: "Uh, whoever is throwing change into a discard bucket, can you put yourself on mute?" [Woods Mutes] Woods: "Clink, Clink, Clink, Clink, Clink..."
  8. Really? I think the Weir Farm is a nice looking coin. Congrats on the find! In my opinion, the ugliest quarter ever minted was the 2017 Effigy Mounds. I mean Iowans no disrespect, I am sure the park itself is lovely.
  9. The coin bounty hunter. I smell finders fees in your future. Geek on, sir. Geek on. Let me know when you are accepting "coin find" challenges.
  10. I have a Cal Ripken Jr. signed HOF $1. The signature is on the PCGS label inside the slab. The coin occupies the modern commemorative spot of my 7070. You can see it here