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  1. I agree to this. I paid $60 per coin and I got nowhere near express. I'd definitely like some sort of partial refund. This is unfair...and kind of bad business.
  2. I have to agree that the the turnaround times are not up to par. I also paid the express fee for 2 days when I submitted my coins. It took way longer than that--no notification, no message, and didn't even ship it express back. They charged me right away though!!! I pretty much got taken advantage of with the prices. I paid an express fee for a modern service basically. Nothing is updated on the website. "Turnaround times are not guaranteed" is not to mean that 2 days turns into 10. It means 2 days turns into 4 max, with a message or some sort of compensation. I urge anyone submitt
  3. I think it's difficult to see how messed up the website is if you are so connected to it.
  4. NGC, Can you post what delivery dates you're currently processing? @LISA B