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  1. I have a 2005 "in god we rust" quarter. I won 25 sets of uncirculated state quarters in an auction from a bank. I was just wondering what the value of an uncirculated one would be worth. I really cant find much online talking about value.
  2. Camera is junk so I cant get great pictures, but this thing look like it was made yesterday. I can see every detail in every feather. Was just curious is this could be a “cherrio’s” or a “good care”.
  3. Found this today in a roll, Just trying to get a rough estimate on value. Thanks guy
  4. Here is the reverse. I looked at it with my loop and it does not looked personally punched. You can still see perfect detail in his hair, so scratches in it or slides, nothin big like that....
  5. This is the best I can get on pictures. It was extremely difficult due to the glare from the plastic case. 1981 Proof Susan B Anthony Type 2
  6. The main thing I was concerned with was if it is type 1 or type 2. From what I have read, type 2's especially the Susan b Anthony are worth alot more money than face
  7. Found a 1981 S proof set at my local pawn shop today. The penny has some sort or corrosion on it, not sure what that's about being in the hard plastic cases, but, the rest of the set is in BEYOND perfect condition, no scratches, dings, they all look like mirrors and look brand new. I really cant tell of any of them are type 1 or type 2 but I can clearly see the "S" perfect and plain as day on every coin, no blobs, but can't be 100% sure due to waiting on my scope to come in. That being said, are any of the coins in the set worth getting graded. I'm hoping the penny doesnt cause any big problem
  8. I have done some research on the 1971 proof mint sets that were released, I do not have a copy of cherry pickers (yet). What I have read is that there were some S minted ones that have doubling on "in god we trust" and "liberty" and "1971". I do not have a good magnifying glass to see the double but it looks like it does certain ways I hold it. Is it true that one way of knowing if it does, is if the "in God we trust" decreases from left to right? On mine you can see the starting of it perfect, but towards the end specifically on the "trust" the top of "ST" is barely visible. Thanks in advance
  9. Thank you for the response. I've done a little research on it and found that most people will just sell them upgraded.
  10. Still new to coin collecting and found out my bank keeps rolls of gold dollars,I found this one a few days ago. Just wondering if its worth getting graded, if so, what kind of grade may I be looking at and what kind of price value. Sorry about the pictures, thats about as good as it gets with my phone. Thank you