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  1. Here's the answer to the guess the grade.
  2. I'll give it till about 5 or 6 o'clock this evening and post the answer. Just incase there is a couple more that wanna take a guess.
  3. Very beautiful coin my friend. I'm jealous. It's a true beauty. Sure hope to come by one like that one of these days.
  4. Good luck to you my friend. Hopefully you can score some nice ones and get some good deals.
  5. I enjoy early Washington quarters myself. Back in the silver days. I really like it when they have rim toning. I think it's also called bullseye toning. I call it that anyways. Those are usually hot cause everyone always seems to bid higher on them and they usually sell for a higher premium. Silver can tone some beautiful colors.
  6. Something just got on it that tarnished it. Nickle layer is still there.
  7. 12th grade. Gonna go by the kids in the pic. They look like they are probably seniors in high school so I'm gonna say 12th grade.
  8. I forgot. These ancient coins grade different. Don't know alot about them yet. Gonna sat 5/5.
  9. It's alot of fun to do these guess the grade post. Gives everyone a chance to test their grading skills. I think it's educational and very helpful. I have alot of fun guessing at other people's. Let's try this buffalo nickle out. I think it's beautiful for the grade it is. It earned a CAC sticker. May send it into Mac now. See if I can't get a half dozen Macs stuck all over it. Sell it about $20,000. Just kidding my friends. Inside joke for those who read that thread the other day about the Mac stickers. Anyways I'll shut up and here she is. Have fun my good friends. If anyone guesses right i
  10. I just now read thru the comments after I made my guess and say I was already to late to guess. Didn't want to read comments first and base my guess off other people's.
  11. Probably not all of them but some were probably stolen by a kid or grandkid hooked on drugs. Sad to say that but they caught an old boy at the coinstar a couple years ago here where we live. He asked for service cause he couldn't get it to take alot of his coins. The clerk who helped noticed all the very old money he was trying to put thru it and called the cops. Come to find out he stole his grandfather's coin collection and was trying to get what he could out of the coin star machine for a quick fix. I guess it was a pretty massive collection. Good thing they old guy got it back. Good thin
  12. Sometimes it takes a while to get them back. I've received my graded coin back 3 weeks before my gov packaging before.
  13. That was a hard lick. That's probably why that guy wouldn't let you take it apart. Sad people will do anything to crook people anymore. I'd rather be poor than have to stoop to those levels. At least I would still have my conscience.
  14. That's what I figured. Probably all been found already.
  15. I been working on them. I'm gonna try to get one or two each week and hopefully get them all one day.
  16. I had a couple I like really well send me their business cards. I'm planning on getting all of them I can from them to complete my pre 64 Washington collection. I made a friend on here (Zadok) a promise I am gonna complete it. He didn't ask me to or anything, I just right out promised him. I usually keep my promises if I'm able. He's been very helpful to me and gave me some wonderful advice. His advice is why I decided on GWs. Helps me to complete a goal if I promise someone I will. That way it will keep me at it so I don't lie to them and let them down. And those 2 dealers have got some of th
  17. When I find a good dealer on Ebay I usually visit their store online.
  18. I found a couple good dealers on there that I been getting my Washington quarters from. Had to sort thru piles of high inflated priced coins to find them though. I'm sure there are a handful more but I found these guys and didn't have to look much more. They got some nice ones for the grade.
  19. What color was it dyed. Lol. Just joking my friend. I agree with everyone else. Don't see nothing special. Just deteriorated dies.
  20. Aint that the truth. I've seen blast white pre 64 quarters on Ebay from a seller for $35 and the very same quarter, same grade, and everything. Blast white from another seller for $80. I understand there are factors such as toning and certain holders and things that can make the price fluctuate but I compared common blast white coins with not very much different characteristics to compare prices. Some sellers are way to high on coins and some are reasonable. Thats just one example. Ive looked at 1000s of coins on there and the prices are all over the place. As GoldFinger1969 mentioned I've got