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  1. I remember that well. That's awsome that it's genuine tho. To bad for the details. Still a very awsome junk drawer find. I'd take those everyday.
  2. That's awesome my friend. I get off work ill check out your collection. Them roosters are very attractive coins. I enjoy admiring them.
  3. I'd sure like to dig up a hoard somewhere. If a person ever did though the government would probably find a reason to take it.
  4. I just wanted to give a shout out and a thank you to all the members who take the time to help us. I am truly grateful and look up to you all very much. You don't have to take the time to help us but you do it anyway. I'm truly blessed and honored to have met such a great group of friends. I take the help you have given me to heart and I will never forget it. I'm sure there's several more who feel the same as I do. Hope everyone of you have a wonderful day and if there's any way I can ever help you I'd be honored to.
  5. I agree. I really look up to him. I look up to a few others on here too. Very good , knowledgeable, and helpful people. One example is when condor gave the info on those GSA dollars. He didn't have to do that but he did. I really appreciate things like that and respect him very much. That's just one example. There are other members on here that does things like that to help people out to. I respect them all and am verb grateful to have people like that on here to help us. I take the knowledge they give me to heart also. Look how much research they save us from having to do. Very thankful for t
  6. How many years have you been collecting @Conder101. You are very knowledgeable. I have learned quite a bit from you in a short period of time. You have had to have been at it for quite some time. Very cool trick with the tissue paper.
  7. Do u have yours in the registry. Would love to check them out. Those gold roosters are beautiful. One of these days I'm planning to add one to the collection.
  8. That one is perfect. I can see the mint marks and everything fine. It does what I want to do with it. It's in focus very good too. I can see the scratches up close. I can hold the coin further away and see the whole coin and it will still all be in focus. Very surprised. I'll get a less magnified one later but for what I wanted it for it works perfectly. I'm not worried about grading coins. It's easier to see die cracks, rpms, things like that is what I wanted it for.
  9. Oh yeah!!! Very nice my friend. I love it. Nice silver quarter. That's right up my alley. Thanks for sharing it. I enjoy looking at those.
  10. I will get one in a few days. Thanks for the recommendation.
  11. I bought this cool little loupe for around $8.00 or so and I absolutely love it. Comes in this neat little case and has a tool to change the battery with. It is very bright also. Will bout blind you looking at a shiny coin with it. Was using a USB microscope. Bought it when I first started collecting from watching YOUTUBE videos and thought I needed one. I can see things better with this loupe then I can with the USB microscope. Such as die cracks. They look like scratches on the microscope and show up plain as day with the loupe. Don't know if it's where you can just look at one angle with
  12. Here's a couple of my favorites rim toners out of my collection. I've got no real good rim toners yet but I'm on the hunt still. I'll track down a couple before my collection is complete. Seems like just the obverse or reverse will either have it and not both. If you can even call them rim toners.
  13. That one is a beauty to. What was the grade on it? There's nothing like that rim toned silver. I love admiring it.
  14. That's a very beautiful quarter. Love that light rim toning. Those are the ones I been trying to get for my registry collection if I can find them. I love the looks of light bullseye toning. That's a perfect example. Thanks for sharing that. Compared to some that I have looked at that one looks a little under graded. I bought ms66s that don't look that good.
  15. Thanks for the info Coinbuf. Old dude could probably have had a good thing going if he would have ran it right. His company may have been huge by now.
  16. I've never heard of it before either. I've also found an interest to learn more about it.
  17. That Morgan is a beautiful coin. You done good my friend. I love those Morgans.
  18. Good looking coins. That was nice of the old dude.
  19. Here's the answer to the guess the grade.
  20. I'll give it till about 5 or 6 o'clock this evening and post the answer. Just incase there is a couple more that wanna take a guess.
  21. Very beautiful coin my friend. I'm jealous. It's a true beauty. Sure hope to come by one like that one of these days.
  22. Good luck to you my friend. Hopefully you can score some nice ones and get some good deals.
  23. I enjoy early Washington quarters myself. Back in the silver days. I really like it when they have rim toning. I think it's also called bullseye toning. I call it that anyways. Those are usually hot cause everyone always seems to bid higher on them and they usually sell for a higher premium. Silver can tone some beautiful colors.