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  1. It wouldn't let me post both pictures in the same post. I tried. May be able to but I can't figure it out.
  2. Thank you. I found that one in an auction online. I had been wanting one with a bean on it for a long time. Had been wanting one to add to the collection. Seems every one I ever tried to bid on the price got run way up where I couldn't afford it. I finally bidded on that one and no one out bidded me. I got it for $45.00. I figured there would be no way I would win it but I wanted to try for it anyways. I got on my phone to check it and it said I was the winner. I was very excited to see that. I really like the coin and the holder and all.
  3. I ended up winning another coin with a CAC sticker on it at an auction from Great Collections last Sunday. It's a 1940 proof 65 quarter. I was very excited. Figured I'd never be able to afford any proof coins before the 1950s. Especially with a CAC sticker. I usually don't go after proof Washingtons but I bidded on that one because it's a little bit older. I actually enjoy them all but staying away from ones after 1950 for now. I may go after later date proofs after I get my MS set finished. But right now I'm trying to focus on the pre 64 quarters. I made a good friend a promise im gonna fini
  4. Thank you to my friend. You never know. One of these days we may run into each other in this small world and have a cold beer.
  5. Thank you for the kind words my good friend. I really appreciate it.
  6. I guess old Madoff died either yesterday or this morning didn't he? Heard on the radio.
  7. PMD for sure. Maybe a lock washer or something that ended up breaking. Maybe a small piece of metal. We will never know buy it didn't leave the mint like that.
  8. Looks like it's just took some hits. Some of them look like things that's not really there. Just like looking at the clouds. What's the word I'm looking for? Starts with a p. Sometimes coins can look like they got numbers and all kinds of stuff on them but it's really where they been hit.
  9. Keep us updated on what they tell you when they test it.
  10. The penny was only impacted once. Any doubling it is showing is MD which is very common. I guarantee you out of every 20 coins you pick up one or two is going to show doubling. I seen a dozen of them last night looking thru my change with a loupe. There is nothing at all special about it. If you do send it into a lab please update us with the results. So we can say we told you so.
  11. She's a beautiful coin for sure. Would love to have something like that in my collection. I'm happy for whoever ends up with it.
  12. We got a little bit of everything around here.
  13. That's what life's all about. You and her will always have that memory. That's very special.
  14. Congratulations my friend. Tell your daughter Congratulations to.
  15. I remember that well. That's awsome that it's genuine tho. To bad for the details. Still a very awsome junk drawer find. I'd take those everyday.
  16. That's awesome my friend. I get off work ill check out your collection. Them roosters are very attractive coins. I enjoy admiring them.
  17. I'd sure like to dig up a hoard somewhere. If a person ever did though the government would probably find a reason to take it.
  18. I just wanted to give a shout out and a thank you to all the members who take the time to help us. I am truly grateful and look up to you all very much. You don't have to take the time to help us but you do it anyway. I'm truly blessed and honored to have met such a great group of friends. I take the help you have given me to heart and I will never forget it. I'm sure there's several more who feel the same as I do. Hope everyone of you have a wonderful day and if there's any way I can ever help you I'd be honored to.
  19. I agree. I really look up to him. I look up to a few others on here too. Very good , knowledgeable, and helpful people. One example is when condor gave the info on those GSA dollars. He didn't have to do that but he did. I really appreciate things like that and respect him very much. That's just one example. There are other members on here that does things like that to help people out to. I respect them all and am verb grateful to have people like that on here to help us. I take the knowledge they give me to heart also. Look how much research they save us from having to do. Very thankful for t
  20. How many years have you been collecting @Conder101. You are very knowledgeable. I have learned quite a bit from you in a short period of time. You have had to have been at it for quite some time. Very cool trick with the tissue paper.
  21. Do u have yours in the registry. Would love to check them out. Those gold roosters are beautiful. One of these days I'm planning to add one to the collection.