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  1. You said that they dont mix Metals, but i found a video proving they do. go 15sec back from where it starts. Start at 27min.
  2. I see i appreciate it. Im going to try some tests with it like (magnet test) and really look at it closer. and if it is a Replica what would you recommend i do with the coin? Would it sell for like $10 or would it be better to melt it to get the silver from it?
  3. So to clarify, the real coin is ONLY silver? because I searched it up and it says silver and PEWTER(which is what i thought the "something else" would be) Quote from "Genuine coins are made of pewter, brass, and silver" And for the "R" stamped is that what the replicas usually have and at that location? or are they in random locations? (would like to see a photo of the same coin with the same little "R" if possible) I also saw that Replicas or Copies are never in the correct weight, but this coin is(19 grams). Also is weird to me that a Replica would have Silver. This all has been really interesting, so thank you for taking the time to respond.
  4. I thought it was a decent chance of it being real because it has silver in it. Didnt think the fakes would have silver and weigh 19grams. Could you explain how you can tell its a fake please and thank you.
  5. Weight: 19 grams Material: Silver I went to a pawn shop to check the weight and check if it had silver, they told me that it "weighs 19grams" and "It has silver and something else" is what they said. I have researched so i knew the "something else" would be pewter. I am just wondering if any of yall know or can tell if its real or fake. Thank You, Adriel