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  1. Yes my bad I posted it a few times to get an answer from different channels.
  2. Yes I will post more pictures for sure 👍 thank you all. The coin weighs 26.4 grams
  3. Yes I'm not a professional when taking pictures sorry. Once I have one of my friends that knows about photographs I'll post more.
  4. Is this coin real ? Thank you for the responses, all though they can be really rude...but thanks I did not obtain the coin in a box of cracker jacks like someone said. I've been collecting coins since I was 14! The reason why I ask if it's real it's because we don't have a ngc coin grading professional in my country . Or else I wouldn't of asked.. Please people don't say rude things, I haven't in anyway offended anyone.
  5. My email if any questions I'm still in the process of getting coin authenticated I posted it here to see if anyone could help faster. Not selling just yet. Don't be rude I'm new to this
  6. My email if any questions