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  1. Hi Lisa, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I can't update the shipping costs within the PDF submission forms, the field for shipping is automatically filled for each form. As suggested, I will write "SHIP TOGEHTER" on the forms, and I will update the shipping costs on the first form by hand after printing. I hope it'll work out. Thx again and looking forward to getting the coins back Heiko
  2. Hi all, I am new to this please apologize if this question has been already answered (chat search always says "wait 54 seconds to start new search") ... I got 19 coins to submit, they are in three different tiers (8 coins Eco, 10 coins, Standard, 1 coin Express due to higher value). Questions: 1. Can I submit them all in one package? One tier is Express, so should I write EX on the package even though there are Standard and Economy coins also? 2. If I can ship them together, can I calculate the correct shipping for the total of all three forms on my own? Right now it shows 3 times the specific shipping costs per submission form (which would be way overpriced for one registered mail return box IMO) - I don't need separate shipments, I just had to take EX because of the coin value... 3. Should I write the shipping costs only on one form or split it into the 3 forms I have? 4. What is the reason that I can't drop off my coins in Sarasota? Drop off and pick up would be nice additional services for people in the area! And one more reason not to use "the other guys" As I got no answer to my email to NGC a couple of days ago I'm hoping to get some expert advise here. Thank you all for your support and Happy grading (and happy hunting) Thx, Heiko "CCC"