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  1. Update to this subject. I ended up talking to a local coin shop about it - then sending it in to NGC for grading. Here's the result: https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/5945241-002/63/ MS63 FH
  2. My express submission I sent in March has been sitting in the mailroom for weeks. My forum post sat in moderation for nearly a month. I'd have made a post about the submission but new users get treated like a spammers on the boards. :\
  3. What happens to an EX thar wasn't marked EX on the box? (My shipment, recd on 4/2 - paid for express grading instead of waiting for a question answer on this board. 3 weeks + my Q about verdigris post is still "in moderation")
  4. bump? Running up on 2 weeks in moderation for I hope ... what is a valid post.
  5. I got my hands on this absolutely gorgeous 1917 Type 1 Quarter ... with a single blemish on the back. Under 10/20x magnifaction, it appears to be completely on the surface ... but who knows what's underneath the spot. This coin has beautiful luster, a surface that I can't see any problems with under a loupe ... it's the best Standing Liberty I've ever personally seen. It's so nice I'm afraid to handle it. But - back to the spot ; I have no idea what to do with the coin. Is the spot a total dealbreaker for grading? Can it be treated by conservation? Should I just keep it ungraded + enjoy this coin as-is?