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  1. Uh they’re called replies. To this thread. By the by. Lol
  2. ran out of weed a long time ago...still have the baggies thou.........
  3. Absolutely without a market. It’s just another coin. One could always fall back on condition. Mint error coins are what they are and are sold eventually.
  4. ngc mint error coins getting top dollar.....I'll sleep tonight knowing my house is still mine,
  5. Good read. And I agree. However that doesn’t say my point is mute. Which is mint error coins sell for more. With right buyer.
  6. My apologies to the op....this obliteration of english and how it is written and ultimately misunderstood is baffling to me but maybe entertaining, that being said here is a mint error with an ase.....huh, Right next to the house keys Thats where I'll keep this.
  7. and I apparently write just fine. You and a few others have a hard time reading and actually understanding what you just read. Interesting.
  8. Again. The house bet is for proving errored coins are worthless. They are not ,never will be. So the keys and the deed are right next to my 1969 s ddo. Thanks for the info.
  9. Ok so tell me. I obviously don’t know. Why ask the blind to see.