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  1. Check out this picture. Is this an example of plate blistering? I think the stuff around Lincoln's beard makes him look extra scruffy!
  2. Here's another weird one where I'd like to get all of your opinion. This coin is well circulated. However, you'll see the "I" in Liberty and the "E" and "T" from IGWT missing. I'm assuming this just gets worn out due to circulation rather than some odd mint error. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about mint errors. Thanks!
  3. Thank you everyone for your replies. See if these photos are any better. You're all probably right that this is a damaged coin. The hot sauce comment was funny!!
  4. Hi All, Anyone having luck finding them out in the wild? Besides buying a few on eBay, I found my first 2 (2019W) this past weekend. I had to sort through nearly $200 worth of quarters to find two whereas I caved in a purchased a few 2020Ws on eBay. I'm curious what others are experiencing. Thanks!
  5. Yes. It is one of the Varieties they recognize.
  6. Hi Everyone. I was sorting through a bunch of quarters this weekend and found this. Initially, I thought it might be really dirty. However, on the reverse side, there is still a bit of nickel whereas the -script/font has the copper tones. I'm now wondering if this is a mint error and an example of a missing clad layer. If it is a genuine example, I'm not sure if I should send into NGC for grading since it has slight wear. I would appreciate your perspective on this. Thanks!
  7. Hi All, I'm new to the forums and coin collecting. I found this really mangled coin during a sorting. I'm not sure if this is a genuine mint error or someone taking their anger out on a quarter. Would you ever send something like this to NGC for grading? I'm not sure how this would grade out and if it is even worth it. Thanks for your comments and feedback. BL