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  1. Ok, thank you for the clarification.
  2. Yeah im going to look into how to get coins graded. Thanks for looking at it.
  3. Yes looks like 5 or 6 steps. Complete line steps.
  4. Sorry, I dont know what you mean by full steps?
  5. Received some change from grocery store a few years back. Noticed this was kinda shiny but not one of the newer designs and checked date 1994. Good condition coin for being circulated. Just trying to find out if theres any great value. Thanks
  6. Lol how did you know? Yeah we rinsed it off. It was differnt colors like blue, green, red and couldnt see the detail. But didnt think the coin was really had any potential. It wss just a cool coin with faded last digit. Thanks for looking at our coin thoe.
  7. Me and my dad were sorting his old coins and came across a 194? Something wpenny. The last digit looks like it was not printed, or faded. Its not magnetic. I saw a picture online of a penny I beleive that the rare penny I saw was a 1943 bronze shell casing penny and had a description of this - (Important 1943 Cent Struck in a Bronze Alloy A New Discovery) Also noticed in back of our penny some of the letters are lighter. For example the AME on the AMERICA is lighter and also is the O on the ONE looks like struck lighter. I have many pictures let me know what I should do. Thanks