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  1. Okay, thanks Coinbuf. I'll dig it up and measure. Will try to report back after I do. If it measures "good", I'll probably send it in.
  2. Thank you all for your input. I sincerely appreciate it. From your responses, I'm thinking the best course of action for me would be to get an initial idea on the authenticity by measuring it. What is an acceptable amount of weight for this coin to be "missing"? 5%? If it measures within the acceptable specs to rule out an obvious fake, I will consider sending it in. Would NGC grade a damaged coin? Conder101's estimate of $600 would make it worth grading.
  3. Oh no! Thank you for your input. Luckily I did not pay much for it. What makes you say that? Why fake a damaged coin? More believable?
  4. Hello all, Newb to the board here, relatively long-term gold / silver bug, and enjoy some collectibles. Many years ago, I acquired a handful of 1850s gold dollars. One of them turned out to be a pretty rare 1855-C. The coin condition is "pretty poor" in my very unexperienced opinion, so I haven't taken the time to consider getting it graded. After doing a little more research on the recently graded coins, I came to realize that maybe I am wrong in my opinion. In order to help me get an idea of the category of coin to submit this under (or whether it is even worth it), can you please give me an idea of what range this may grade in? Should I submit in the "Ask NGC" section of the forum? Here is the site that has some recently graded coins that I'm referencing - Thank you!