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  1. Greenstag, Here are photos of the three large canadian coins.
  2. As this is the first time I have really focused on these coins, my objective is to just hold on to them and pass them on to my niece, as my wife and I have no children. I don't mind sharing photos and getting advice here on this forum, it's fun and educational. But honestly, I am not a serious collector, although I do want some order and coherence to this collection so that I have an idea as to what I am sitting on. I will try and get some photos today (close ups) and share them here today.
  3. This is my inventory so far. Moving to later dates now US Philippines Commonwealth coins Once Cent 1903- 1 1904- 1 1917- 1 1925- 1 1928- 3 1929- 1 1930- 1 1933- 1 1934- 1 1936- 1 1937- 5 1938- 8 1939- 2 1940- 1 1941- 6 1944- 104 Five cents 1903- 7 1921- 1 1926- 1 1930- 1 1932- 2 1934- 2 1935- 4 1937- 3 1938- 2 1941- 4 1944- 90 1945- 96 Ten cents 1903- 3 1904- 4 1908- 18 1909- 3 1911- 5 1912- 6 1913- 7 1914- 7 1915- 2 1917- 28 1918- 52 1919- 5 1920- 1 1929- 6 1935- 9 1938- 1 1945- 1 Twenty cents 1907- 4 1908- 1 1909- 3 1910- 3 1911- 1 1912- 2 1913- 5 1915- 4 1916- 3 1917- 16 1918- 38 1920- 8 1921- 12 1928- 3 1929- 14 1944- 6 1945- 8 50 Centavos 1907- 5 1908- 4 1917- 1 1918- 4 1920- 1 1944- 1 One Peso 1909- 1 Other countries 1867 Spanish 10 cs- 1 piece 1888 canadian one cent- 1 piece 1901 canadian one cent- 1 piece 1866 Italian 10 Centisimi- 1 piece 1902 Canadian on cent- 1 piece 1900 US one dime- 1 piece (Barber dime) 1904 Panama 5 cents- 1 piece 1945 US one dime- 1 piece 1949 Australian three pence- 1 piece 1885 Spanish 10 cs- 1 piece 1950 Hong Kong 10 cents- 1 piece 1899 Us dime- 1 piece 1885 Spanish 10 cs- 1 piece 1776 Carolus III 8 Real coin- 1 piece with a hole in it 1966 Trinidad and Tabago once cent- one piece
  4. https://www (remove the space after the www andn then copy and paste and go to YT and check out my video
  5. Mactanboy, thank you so much for this thread/advice. A couple questions, one of my coins is a really nice 1909 "s" mint US/Philippine peso. I am wondering what it is worth? I have at least 17 peices of fifty centavos dating from 1907 to 1944, wondering about those too and then lastly, one mothe coins I found was a Philippine coin, either five or twenty five pesos, I'm not sure because the coin was mistakenly struck with the "Back" or "Shield" on both sides, so there is not date or denomination on it. Wondering if it has any value? I have lot's of late 1800 and early 1900 one centavo/penny, five centavos/ and 10 centavos. I will try and post another video today. A friend of mine and I were chatting and he looked up the 1909 "s" mint one peso and told me that it sold at auction for 26,000.00$. If that's so, then I might have a few others that are worth something. Interesting to say the least. But for me, this is not about the money. I would just like to know what I have and what it's worth, so I can catalogue the collection.
  6. Here is the URL just remove the space I placed after the www. https://www
  7. So I will send you a short video from my sorting today. I wanted to mention that mixed in with some of my "International" coins I found about six Spanish coins, the earliest date 1867 and was 10 cents. The other Spanish coins were 1800's. Then there were some from Trinidad/Tobago, Netherlands and various other places. I have a lot more sorting and classifying/dating to do before I have any clue as to what I am sitting one here. There's always that hope that one of these will be that "six figure" coin, but I tend to not start counting my chickens before they hatch, it's foolish to do so. Wanted to tell you that you can feel free to add me on FB Messenger if you are there and if you want too. Makes it easy to send messages back and forth. Anyway, enjoy the video! Actually, just looked again, there's an 1883 (I think) 10 cent peice from Spain. So 1867 Spainish 10 Centamos is the oldest I have found so far. Have to keep sorting! Here is the Youtiube link for the video I made today.
  8. JKK thanks for the advice. Hey, started sorting some of these coins today. All pre-WWII US/Philippines ( early 1900's and up to 1944-45) 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 centavos, and at least 300 pieces of each denomination , and so far only one pre-war one peso coin. Most are in average to fairly worn condition, but many of the bronze and silver coins are in very good shape. I have plenty more to sort through but at least I have a start. When I make some progress and have it fairly organized, I will send you some pictures.
  9. JKK, love that Spanish coin. My metal detector is broken, need to buy a new one. There was an old spanish fort here, about 2 kilometers from my house hefe in Lucena city. i would love to find the exact location and do some sweeps with a metal detector. You never know what you might find. I was doing some "Panning" on a fresh water spring on our property in Lucban, Quezoin province a few years ago and found a 1930's coin.
  10. Yes, excellent thread here. I'm enjoying the learning process. Thanks to all who are responding to my posts! I truly appreciate it!
  11. This is exactly the type of advice I am looking for. I truly appreciate you taking some time to help me out, and look forward to continue corresponding with you. I'm retired, have plenty of time on my hands and am ready to start learning something. I understand that the bulk of my collection may not have much value now, and that's ok. But I could have a few gems hidden in here somewhere. What's interests me are the US/Philippine Commonwealth coins, of which I have quite a few. My wife's father had a "Juke box" business in the 1950's and '60's and mama saved all of the older coins. It seems that folks had figured out that they could use the old coins in the juke boxes and did so frequently. Mama saved them, wrapped them in small groups and dated them. For me, historically, they have value... for me, because they come from a special era in time. Maybe as collectables they don't have much value (although I don't know that yet and won't until I check them against pricing guides right?) but I will hang on to them just the same. JKK, again... thanks. I will stay with, because for sure I will have more questions. Maraming Salamat po pare!