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  1. My guess is this was covered with a piece of tape at some point, but wanted to ask others.
  2. My guess is this was covered with a piece of tape at some point, but wanted to ask others.
  3. I would say I am your target audience (relatively new collector), and would greatly appreciate something like this. I’ve spent hours trying to definitively get the nuances of machine doubling and true doubling in the hub process, and there is little guidance. Several pictures of extreme examples exist, but the nuanced ones still are a struggle. Some of the recognized DDs look just like machine doubling to me. And vice versa. So I would greatly appreciate resources and would put the time in to use them. One thing I think that would really be helpful in the beginning is an explanation of what causes true DDs and what causes machine doubling. I searched for a long time and still haven’t found a great resource. It would help from the get go to understand Exactly what caused the error, and then it would be easier to understand what you are looking at/for.
  4. Can someone tell me if this is a lamination, or if not what causes cracking like this?
  5. I am putting together a stack to send for grading, and have two 50s halves that should qualify for FBL. My question is do I need to ask for it and/or pay a variety fee? Or is this simply part of the standard grading?
  6. Unfortunately I am not even close to local
  7. Where are you located? Someone may be local and would be willing to look at them for you. And maybe even make an offer
  8. This may be helpful, because I am sure not. This site has some tools to aide in narrowing it down. http://www.calgarycoin.com/reference/china/chinaid3.htm
  9. I updated the title. What is it called when it’s a “cud” but not on the edge. Just a die break? I’m obviously learning.
  10. Bought a bunch of peace dollars and as I was putting them in 2x2s I found this guy. In your opinion is this worth grading?
  11. I got this half today when I stopped by my bank. I’ve started asking for any they have when I’m in there. This one is a strange one. The inner layer seems to be eroding. It is consistent around the full coin, and reeding is present in most of the corroded areas even though I can’t get it to show in pictures. Any idea what causes this?
  12. I’m curious about this myself. I am starting to get silver and gold coins for investment diversification. 1. how/where do I purchase the monster box? 2. In your opinion would it be wise to buy a monster box and have them certified? Would this potentially have future value worth the time/effort/investment over the non emergency?
  13. This one is very worn, but curious what it is/was?